Somewhere in San Antonio... and I'm coughin up my lungs!  

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10/3/2005 11:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Somewhere in San Antonio... and I'm coughin up my lungs!

Get em while they are fresh from my coughin fits! LOL j/k

Feels like I have lung issues though.
Ya know, we are up here to deal with some business, see our godchild, maybe play some if all goes well (and I stop coughin).

In previous posts the past 2 days, I vented about drama and issues. Some folks obviously saw themselves in the posts and commented, although the ones that commented were not the people in question. OMG! It bugs me that some people want to down others then get all self righteous when they think someone might be downin on them.

I dont want to argue or fuss with anyone, I wish things were easier. Is respect an automatic thing, or something earned? To me, you earn it. And if someone does something you don't like, you raise your voice and announce your feelings. Yet so many folks just smile and nod and pretend everything is ok! Why? Someone muse explain this idiocy to me!

Ok- we are in SA and will be back sometime Wednesday to Corpus Christi. Those who have our numbers and wanna chat, feel free to call the cell phones!



636015487 39M

10/4/2005 8:26 pm

Hey CC Couple. Sorry that things have not been going your way. It always seems that life could not get any worse, or that life couldn't get any harder. I know it's cliche`, but things always get better, and every thing always works out for the good! People are inherintly stupid, and life is too short!!! Chin up, and "keep on truckin'". Fun is always good!

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