Seperate Fun  

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6/2/2005 10:18 pm

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Seperate Fun

Hey yall in blog land! The Cowboy and I are at different places and I have the opportunity to post about it. LOL
Earlier today I was smacked upside the head by one of my worse migraine headaches. All I wanted was a nice dark, cool place to lay my head so I could recover, but it wasnt to be as Cowboy and Pistol Pete (roomie) were fighting over the Xbox and a game called Need4Speed. *sigh* Whats a girl gotta do for some peace and quiet? Apparently she has to run to a friends house to be able to relax. LOL seriously folks, I just couldnt get comfortable at home. So now I am here at a friends and the migraine meds are kickin in.

These people are some of the best friends I could ever have. We get along real well. (I have written about them before.) Debbie and Erin take the best care of me when I am here. My ultimate goal is to get Debbie so comfortable around me that she would let me pleasure her. She is so tiny, like a little doll (the opposite of me) and I would be in heaven if she would just let me spread her legs and lick her pussy. She is shaved, and watching her suck a cock would make any horny person, male or female ready to cum.

We are planning a vacation together, just the 4 of us. Going to Kemah, TX and renting a hotel with a private 6 person hottub on the patio.I cant wait since Erin is talking about taking video of the weekend. If any of its good, I will put clips on our albums.

To get ready for the vacation though I have been thinking about investing in some toys for two. If anything happens between the two of us chicas, I want to be prepared.

I can just imagine getting her ass in the air, on her knees while I slowly pushed into her with a strap on cock, or using a double ended dildo so we could fuck eachother. I would love to lick her pussy lips while I fucked her with my fingers or put a vibrator to her clit.

They are laying down behind me currently, and its hard to behave. Oh well, time to let this post cum to its end. I will write again and tell yall more fantasies

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