Random Thoughts.... LOL  

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2/12/2006 10:43 pm

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Random Thoughts.... LOL

(OMG- I luv this picture!!!! Too sexy! I wanna take some shots like that!)

someone sent me an email the other day that said...

" If you could have me all to yourself, locked in your room for 24 hours what would you do to me? If we could do whatever you wanted to do, hmmm?"

So I pass the question on to my blog fans!

If you could have me or Cowboy or both of us alone locked in your room for 24 hours and we could do anything you wanted to do... what would you do to me/him/us?????

LOL *evil smiles*

I wanna see what gets posted on this!


CCcouple25m27f 36M/36F  
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2/13/2006 8:50 pm

Wow trekker... ever thought about a carreer in that wonderful artform that is the written word? You held me spellbound as I read that! Sounds interesting


Bad_Pirate 59M

5/27/2006 2:23 pm

wow where to start...have admired from a distance...looking at your assets...the dreams I have had..wanting to touch, feel, the body, the soul....every time wanting to be together. The dream stops...I'm really here with yall. Is it a dream, no its not, you are really here,your body feels so soft to the touch, the room be comes a blur, as you say let's get naked, I remove your top, your breast are beautiful, nipples are hard...I walk behind you and hold you close as I run my hands alone your smooth skin...I get to your zipper, and run my hands over the outside of your jeans, can feel the heat of your sex. I pull the zipper down, leaving the button closed, no panty's....you bad girl...I knell in front of you...and can smell, your wonderful scent I slowly unbutton your jeans and slide them off..damn what a beautiful body. I slowly lay you down, and get you ready for whats to come..I light the candles and begin to warm up the oil, as you lay there, I tell you relax, enjoy , you smile and say OK.I roll you over and slowly begin to rub the oil into your back, I say again relax, enjoy...as you do, my hands run all over your back, hearing small moans, I know you are starting to enjoy, as my hand reaches the small of your back , I slowly run my hands over your beautiful ass, each cheek I rub the oil making your skin shine, my hand reaches your thigh, again a slight moan, as you spread your legs apart so slightly, again I smell your scent, intoxicating, as I rub your upper legs and down to your feet. I slowly turn you over, and wow what a beautiful body.I oil up my hands and begin at your head, rubbing your thoughts away...your neck , mmmm, so fine, as I get close to your breast, your nipples get hard again, I slowly start to rub each breast, a smile , a moan, damn you look great, I start down to working my way to your special place, I can feel you trimble, as I trace the outline of your sex, oiling every inch of you, but not touching your most wet spot, I see the juice running between your legs, but I only stop to smell your scent, again intoxicating, I work my way down to your toes and rub each foot. You are so hot, so horny, so turned on, you quiver with excitement, but you never say a word, you only moan, and sigh...you tell me you are ready, ready for the best fuck of your life, you are so horny, so wet, so ready....as the naked Cowboy comes in and fills your every want....as I sit and watch the beautiful love making in front of me.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Kisses and groups.............The Pirate

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