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8/27/2005 10:36 am

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Random Thoughts

(kinda cute, kinda funny, damn thats some big tits!)

Hey everyone!

Tonight we are supposed to go to this party where anything can happen. I am a bit nervous about this. I have never done anything like this before and I am nervous. Hopefully this will be a positive experience.

When it rains it pours though. We also have a wedding to attend. One of the girls from karaoke is finally tying the knot! We are invited to attend both the ceremony and the reception, but I wonder if I will have the energy for everything.

Random thought-
Does it excite you to think of people watching you play by yourself? I know if someone might hear me or see me accidently it increases my enjoyment. The few times I have given Justin a show, it was very exciting.

Someone posted a item on CC A F F/ Xmatch groups about a Masterbation group- get together and get off basically. I was intrigued that so many guys would be up for a group of guys jerkin off together. *shrugs* I dont have anything against it, but I know a lot of guys who are uncomfortable with the idea. Personally, I could really enjoy the "I'm gonna show off for ya, you can look but cant touch me kinda thing". Then again I was a dancer, and the no touchy rule applied then- but the sex for me and Justin was pretty good while I was doin that job.

Ok- guess I have exhausted the topic there- gonna go for now!

Talk to ya laters

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