Random Bouncings!!!!  

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7/29/2005 7:02 am

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Random Bouncings!!!!

(Yeah its me- talking about my first experience. " And it was like this big!) LOL

Hey Hey everyone!!!!!

Life is wierd! I am so hyper right now and I should be dragging a$$. The past few overnight shifts have been the ultimate in boring. I have sat and watched 2 guys from a fire safety company install the latest kitchen fire safety stuff in our McDonalds. We are now up to fire safety code! *YAY ~ booty shakes ~*

The worst part is that I keep forgetting to take a book, so I have to find stuff for me to do.
Let me tell you, I can only prep so many Jalapenos before I am ready to gag from the fumes!

I am contemplating trying to find some time to audition for a local musical at our Harbor Playhouse. There was an ad for auditions a month ago, but we have several each year- another one will come along soon! I would just love to be in a musical. A regular theater production would be great too though. Maybe a sign language only thing, since I am fluent in ASL!

Ahh when the muse hits, sometimes it leaves a black eye! j/k LOL

And now I yawn- dammit! No sleep yet, I want some Chik Fil A!!!!!! (Funny that now I am hungry, but wasnt at work!!!!)

Nakey Hugs to all the People out there reading my lines!


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