Our Latest Couple Swap  

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6/4/2005 3:55 am

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Our Latest Couple Swap

Top O da Mornin to ya Lad n Lasses!

Last night was one of the best nights we have had to date. We found a couple who was curious about swapping, but had never gotten comfortable enough to actually do anything with another couple before.
The past few days we have gotten together and hung out, talking about family and pets and trucks and video games- whatever we happened to ramble on about. We all wanted to play together, but I wasn't gonna be pushy since she was a little nervous about trying something with another woman.
Ladies and Gents, we reached the comfy point and tonight was the night.
Cowboy and I went to their apt, and Rob had not gotten home yet, so we sat with Jen in the living room and talked- annoying the kitten in the process.
When Rob got home, I decided to see if Jen was ready to play and offered her a massage. She thought massage was a great idea, so we headed to the bedroom and left the guys behind in the living room (LO. Closing the door, Jen locked it quietly and we started with her massage waiting for the guys to try the door. After about 5 minutes, Rob tried it and said "Damn, they locked it!" We just giggled and I kept on rubbing her legs and back with some massage lotion. She was in shorts and no top, I had on lace panties and a bra. She pouted til I lost the top and when I stole her shorts I went ahead and got naked. Jen is shaved like me, a brunette like me. But she has maybe a B cup where I have DD. After rubbing her down with my hands I started using my lips and made my way down between her thighs. I spread her legs and took a tenative lick- she sighed and arched her back. (A good sign in my book) For the longest time I ran a hand over her chest and her stomach and just licked up and down her slit. When she grabbed my hair I knew I could get a bit more forceful and I started fingering her a bit harder as I sucked her clit. Finally she asked to let the guys in since they probably wanted to see what was going on. We let them in, and told them to get naked. Rob was having some concerns about then. He was afraid we would look down on him because he was not as endowed as Cowboy. (Hey not all Texas transplants get the Upsizing when they move I guess!) I told him to get his ass naked and on the bed so Jen and I could both suck his cock. Us girls wanted to tag team him, and for a while we did take turns licking his cock. Cowboy of course was naked and ready, so when I got him up on the bed, I had to lick on his shaft and get the mood pumped some more. Jen and I switched back and forth between guys, sucking and licking- then would tweak a nipple on eachother or grope or kiss one another in between blowjobs. Rob seemed content to just watch his wife get fucked to kingdom cum.
Finally Cowboy laid Jen back on the bed and started eating her pussy. (He is soooooo good at that!) Rob was watching so I took him in my mouth and using all my slutty tricks endeavored to get him to blow a load in my mouth. I dont usually go for that, but I wanted to see him cum.
Time passed, and he was valiantly trying to keep from popping when Cowboy mentioned we did bring condoms. (Safety first!) Rob said "Think we need to use em- where are they!?" He grabbed em and gave one to Jen and put another on him and decided he was gonna pump that pussy of mine, which was hott as can be and needed a good cum.
Cowboy had help putting on his condom, (Jen wanted to roll it on- which is sexy) and he started slow, making each thrust last until she whispered that he could get rougher. (Cowboy can really pound a pussy! OMG!) Rob popped and pulled out of me, I was still primed to cum, so I rolled and watched Jen and Cowboy fuckin away. I played with her tits and slapped Cowboys ass. (He likes to be hit- if you do hit him he will ask for another!) When he started slamming her faster I reached over and tweaked one of his nipples (a sure cum blaster when he is poundin a twat real hard) and he growled out his cum with her clenching on him and making small pleased sounds. Afterwards, we laid on their bed and us girls played and rubbed and kissed while we talked with the guys and thought about round 2. Rob was tired though and work for me was gonna be an early day- sadly I agreed to call it a night.
When we got home, I told Cowboy that I needed a hard ride. He obliged me with an hour long session of pussy sucking and then pounding. I cum so hard when he attacks my clit with that tongue of his. Screaming like a banshee is a good way to describe it. Then he hardly waited to slide his cock into me- I was still buzzing from his master tongueing. When he fucks me, he brings out the whore in me. I start talking nasty and begging him to pound me. He loves it.
Tonight though, he kept talking to me about Jen and would I like to see him fuck her while playing with myself- it drove me through the roof I was ramming myself back onto his cock and begging him to make me cum. It was awesome. Here I sit in the afterglow and type it all down before I forget the details. I had to share it all with you wonderful perverted souls in Blogville. Glad u could cum! Hope you were mentally stimulated and can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

~I'll be walking funny tomorrow- but damn its wonderful tonight~

Hugs and Gropes to A/all
Here is to whatever gets it up! Cheers!

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