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6/16/2005 2:26 pm

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I know I know. I don't blog nearly as much as Nina does. Well, anyways was a wonderful night all around. Not jus cuz of the sez that happened. But becuz it seems that both of us are finally smiling once again amost every time we look @ each other. It's been awhile since we've been doin that cuz of stress and various things. Well it looks like after tomorrow i'll finally have the ball rolling on getting my financial aid for some schooling finally. YAY!!. I found an automatic vehicle for Nina the other day. But then she complained cuz it seemed that it was something that i wanted. which it was an SUV that i wouldn't mind. Its a toyota 4runner 4x4 auomatic. with a price tag UNDER bluebook. doesn't mean its all posies n such, supposedly it has tranny problems, but its a problem i've encountered before in another car, and can be fixed for about 20 bucks and an hour of labor. Yes i know also that i don't seem to be all full of sex acts. i'm more technical minded and will jus jabber away on things if i get started. I'm looking into converting @ least 2 vehicles i own, besides our current one that is here, the others are in San Antonio stored away. converting them into diesel before i forget to mention it.

But enough of that. Yes the sex was wonderful. and No i haven't had anymore enoucters since my last one on one with Jen. I'm not as comfortable yet as Nina is about details yet. But give it time and i should come around.

laters Gators.
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6/16/2005 3:40 pm

Ok babe, I wont ride you so hard *wink* to blog so often, but I enjoy cum-ing back and reading what you wrote, so I think its a great thing to do. Anyone else enjoy the reading as much as I do?

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