Making Plans and Scheduling Meetings <YAY>  

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6/10/2005 7:17 pm

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Making Plans and Scheduling Meetings <YAY>

Ever just had a day or a week where you plan for everything to go ok, but when the day of an event or planned meeting arrives, nothing goes right? Well thats how today went. We were going to meet a couple from the site tonight for dinner, but as I was going to get dressed,(I didnt wanna put clothes on,but that might have scared them off) one of our dogs decided to bite my husband on the arm and draw blood. Talk about a mess. Luckily Cowboy is ok and the dog had all current shots, but I was livid. I called Animal Control and had them come get the dog, Cleaned up Cowboys injury and canceled for tonight, promising to reschedule. *shakes head* So much for a romantic first impression eh? LOL So now we sit and watch Stargate SG-1 and surf the web waiting to decide on what we are gonna do tonight. The downside is I have to get some sleep tonight, I have work in the morning. Counting down until Monday for another day off. Maybe if we get some responses to our posts sometime soon, Cowboy will spill the beans about his one on one with Jen . No promises though.
Alrighty perv and pervettes of blogville- I'm out for now- Post for ya next time!


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