Let's try this again  

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7/3/2005 1:48 am

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Let's try this again

If Darth Vader had a car, this one would be it!

As Nina posted before, i tried doin a post, and xmatch was sayin something bout banned words. Wouldn't say what words..jus that there was banned words. Well anyways, ONTO the Blogging. We had gotten a bit of bad news this afternoon. A couple that we had been "seeing" has had problems arise. Evidently he had a problem of some sort. So for the time being they are not doin ay playing at all with anyone besides each other. Which is cool and understandable. Your priority should always be your mate and not your friened, lover, fuk buddy, whatever. Which i've had problems of my own recently so i can relate. Over the last week we've had an interesting pace here @ what i call home. Jen ended up being over a couple of nights this past week. And no not every night was pleasureable. Even a redneck has to sleep sooner or later. But anyways, we've met a couple of couples off Xmatch now. One of which we were the first couple they had ever invited to their home, especially for a first meeting. Which we felt honored and did tell them so. They were good to sit n talk with. Finding common ground for talking can be hard sometimes. Maybe next time something more can come about(WEG).

And man, Friday was killer, but survivable. We've picked up the fireworks, bbq, and other necessary items for bbq n bonfire on the beach. But all the running, GOD it was time consuming. But friday evening was truly enjoyable. Even though Nina has had her "visitor" for the past last half of the week. Since Jen was gonna stay the night. Things were ok in the beginning. Even after everyone showing up for the weekend. It's 1am and i decide to go on and get into bed. Couple minutes later Jen and Nina crawl in and put me in the middle. Then Erin n deb lay down on the floor. We wish our room was one huge bed, but it don't work that way yet. Well needless to say, Erin seemed to think that for some reason Nina was uncomfortable with him in the room since when she laid down she had clothes on still. He didn't seem to understand that when Nina is on "the rag", she won't get undressed in bed. Well after that started n Erin went into the other room, Nina started tellin me that if me n jen wanted to play, since she couldn't really, she'd go into the other room. I didn't want that n said so. But things will work out in the end. So i decided to go ahead and find out new box of condoms and break it open. And what happens. I end up gettin everyone up while i'm looking for them.

After taking 30 minutes i finally find them tucked away on top of my scanner, when i could have sworn they were in the dresser in the bedroom. Anyways, i spent about 5 minutes @ the computer after that and then went n laid back down in bed. And of course shortly thereafter everyone but Nina follows suit. She was spending time with the new dog that appeared on our doorstep while we were all awake. Jen crawled back into the bed and immediately snuggled up n started teasing me. Which she knew how to do really well by now. SO it didnt take very long of us both teasing n sucking on one another in a sideways 69 for her to pull away and ask for me to get a condom on.

Now sex with every woman is different, but still. Its a wonderful thing to be able to share with someone. Now i'm not gonna go into depth detail, cuz i think that is what was the problem last time i tried to post. Well, after we finished pleasing each other, Jen n I were ready for sleep, but Nina wasn't in the bed. So i got up n got her of the couch. Yes she was asleep on the couch with the new dog. So off to bed she went, and i laid out on the couch. New dog beside me of course. Till our roomie Peter got home. Then it was his turn to lay out on the couch and i hit the bed.

I think this is far enough, either I or Nina will do another one to catch up more.

Justin aka Cowboy

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7/4/2005 2:24 pm

In my defense, i've stated before that i'm having serious emotional problems right now, between college and finances.. I won't make that an excuse, there is no excuse for poor behavior. but it is an explanation. and it wasn't just nina, Jen and Me are still working at the comfort thing, too. Our relationship is still too new. I'm surprised things went how they did. I really wasn't upset, i was just trying to do what was right by all. *shrug* sometimes you can't win for losing.

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7/4/2005 2:26 pm

oh, to clarify, i'm the "Erin" spoken of above. and the male half of the couple, to avoid confusion later on. my other half is Debbie

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