I Had a oooh kinda time!  

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7/11/2005 10:50 am

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I Had a oooh kinda time!


Although last night was a tad awkward at first, things ended up pretty hot for a while. We had chatted a bit and met up at work with a couple from the site oohale1. These folks are really nice and comfortable to be around. Although Justin and I normally like for the first playtime to be all of us. Ms oohale was waiting for a out of town visitor and had to be home for their child which we totally understand. But Mr oohale was wanting to cum play, so we agreed to play in front of the cam so she could watch and with voice chat enabled- she could give us directions like it was her own personalized porn video! (I kinda like that idea)
So I was the meat between the bread.
I got two guys lickin, suckin, and fuckin me senseless while she watched and got herself off.
I came really hard twice and then we decided to go ahead and finish off the fun with our respective partners. I wouldnt of minded finishing off right then, but I want everyone to be happy and comfortable. Mr oohale got dressed, I gave him a hug and a nip on the neck. He slapped justin on the lower thigh and shook his hand. (thats so cute!) Then he let himself out as he was the only one dressed at the moment.
Justin and I went to bed and put the new king size mattress setup to use! It was around 4a.m. when I last remember looking at the clock and had dropped off. We had a good night all around, and I can't wait til we get together next!

Enjoy all the pervs and pervettes of blogville!


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