I'd have never guessed in a billion years......  

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6/12/2005 1:59 pm

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10/9/2006 10:22 am

I'd have never guessed in a billion years......

(The pic is not me, I wish my backview was that tight! But I like a little rough with my playtime, and that pic just rocks!!!!!)

The title of this post is my phrase of the day. Last night, we had some friends over to just hang out and relax. Jen, Erin, and Deb were all over here. We were watching TV while I was surfing the net. (I know it sounds boring, but hey I had to work earlier and had to work today so- I am allowed to be boring on occasion!)

We were talking about funny and wierd moments in swapping and or just playing with eachother in general when a guy from the Chat room started IMing me about how he didnt know anyone in town and had just moved here. I asked if our TX hospitality was up to adding another person to our little group that night. (Its 1a.m. and I say night LO Either way we debate the idea and I end of inviting him to meet me at a gas station not far between his area of town and ours.

I hopped in the car and headed out shortly after giving him basic directions. I took Jen's cell in case things didnt go well. Drove all the way to the station and sat there for a good while waiting for this guy to show. ( I should have known the outcome) As I sit, I talk to Jen while waiting. Eventually I decide he aint gonna show and tell them I am gonna let them go so I can get on the road. About that time two officers of the city police drive in- and park on the other side of the lot. I put it in drive and as I am pulling out I noticed that one of the officers is talking to the store clerk. Apparently I look like a robber or something. (shakes head) Oh well, I went home and was upset because of the cops. (I'm a nice person, I would never rob anyone)

When I got home, I hung around on the PC until I was too tired to type straight. Standing up I started to strip off my clothes and made the offer that any or all could join me in the bed. Cowboy and Jen were not tired, so they stayed up in the living room. Erin and Deb came to bed and apparently decided to let me play too YAY!!!!

Deb hasnt ever been interested in another woman before. We are friends, but nothing had happened- until last night. They climbed into the bed with me and told me they didnt want me to feel ignored or left out. (How nice!) Then Deb reached over and started rubbing my breasts.
(She has the smallest, softest hands- I almost felt like a dirty old woman ;p) She had never ever done anything like that before and it caught me off guard. I put my hands on her chest and massaged, playing with her nipples and rubbing her body from top to bottom.

Erin was pounding her pussy when she grabbed his head and whispered in his ear that if I wanted it, he could fuck me (protected of course). I told them I wouldnt say no, and while he got his 'raincoat' on, Deb and I kissed and I started to rub her clit. Erin positioned me so I could lick her pussy while he fucked me from behind (which is my fave position) and she made little pleased sounds as we pounded away. (she is so quiet usually, that any sound was a big turn on)

Erin went back to pounding Deb with his cock and I helped out by rubbing her clit. She kept making those little sounds and eventually I felt her cum. We kissed and cuddled, which was really nice and I kept saying "I never guessed in a billion years we would do this....." which made her giggle. Deb is one of my bestest friends and I love her dearly. She is more dear to me now that I have shared an intimate moment with her and Erin.

Thats not to say that everything was wine and roses, I must admit I had some issues with Cowboy. I was upset that he hadnt told me about an encounter with Jen. she came to me and told me what had happened. Which pissed me off. Trust is the biggest issue between couples when they "swing" or "play" with others. I can handle the acts happening, I just want to know about them. Is that so much to ask? I dont think so.

Either way I was a little put out that Cowboy wasnt in the mood to jump into bed with me, and it affected how I responded when he finally came to lay down. We talked and things are slowly returning to normal- going to spend an evening together just us. We have been so busy meeting and planning and hanging out that we have had hardly any alone time. Monday we have a dinner meeting and possibly a meeting at Kareyoke on Tuesday. So we will take our little mini vacation and hide away from the world.

Have no fear though- we will return, for this Blogging thing is too much fun.
*Hugs and Gropes to da readers*

BTW- all you lurkers, I would love to know your thoughts on my/our posts.

rm_CCLordDamien 40M/38F
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6/12/2005 10:08 pm

You know my thoughts on it, since I was there. and you're not the only one with "never in a millin years did i think...." on their minds either. all i have to say is "wow, what an amazing night"

rm_CCLordDamien 40M/38F
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6/13/2005 3:25 pm

Hey, i just noticed that you didn't mention debbie's shaved too... well, usually. i've been falling down on the job lately.

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