Holiday Weekend with Friends  

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5/30/2005 2:15 am

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Holiday Weekend with Friends

Gotta love this pic. The artist rocks!

Ahhh its a bit crowded over here this weekend. (yawn) Some good friends came over to spend time with us, and between my work shifts we have been able to go and do as we please. We had wanted to do a beach burn last night, but sadly the stormy weather put a damper on our plans. (LO

Debbie is probably one of my bestest friends. (yes bestest is a word, I made it up just now LO Although she and I have not done anything sexually together, we are very close. (We can be real big teases!!!!) Erin, her fiance and my husband are close buddies as well. (No they have not tried anything together, despite Erin being bi)

We all cohabitate extremely well together, even in small spaces. Having those friends you are comfy with is the best. I have no qualms going naked around either of them and there is no pressure for sexual interaction.

Looking at the two of them though (Debbie and Erin) you would think them the ultimate odd couple. Erin is very tall (6'5) and Debbie is petite (4'9). The running joke is Erin can get away with having a little girl fetish, his fiance in pigtails looks 12.

Debbie is my dress up doll, I absolutly love to find clothes for her and put her in cute little outfits. Erin doesnt mind, since he reaps the benefits of any teasing done by others.

Currently, we have a plan to go to a resort near Galveston for a long weekend to play. I am hoping that some swapping fun might happen on the trip, but I wont hold my breath. I am really looking forward to the trip though.

Oh well, until next time! *hugs and gropes*

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