Fuzzy Logic  

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7/9/2005 12:32 am

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Fuzzy Logic

(*Frickin kick @$$ artwork eh? I thought ya might enjoy it *)

Hey yall

Today has been a fuzzy logic day.
Everything just sounds so wrong unless I reprocess it through my hearing again. LOL

Highlight of the day
Got the King Size Mattress Set today!!!!!
Now we have room to play
Should be getting the frame here in the near future, depending on finances.

Days are passing quickly and we are looking forward to the AdultFriendFinder/Xmatch party coming soon to Corpus Christi.

I am fixing to head to bed, but just wanted to blog a bit for the day before turning in for the night.

Got to talk with Nessa who is my "girlie friend" who just cant see why women find her cute/hot.
When asked if we are a package deal, I can honestly say "NO! She doesnt like me like that!"

But she will go to strip clubs with me and likes to lingerie shop. She lives this lifestyle vicariously through my stories. I honestly think someday she will be comfortable enough to admit curiosity, but until then *sigh* I have to settle for innocent flirting.

I think its time to get NAKEY!!!!!! And go sleep on the new mattress. (he he he he hehehehehe) Ahhh comfortable pillow top softness. I can already imagine it. Maybe if we get enough interest, the hubby will go ahead and take some pictures of us or me on the new bed.

I know I am such a tease! (But when your good, why not advertise?!?!?!)

Huggles and Gropes all my blogville peeps!

oohale1 39M/43F
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7/9/2005 10:31 pm

love the art work. where did you find it?

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