Details of the last Sat beach PARTY!!!!!!  

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8/17/2005 6:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Details of the last Sat beach PARTY!!!!!!

( Ooh now thats an a$$!!!!! )

Yes we must do this again!!!!!!
Next time though, I think I might try for some advance warning so people can arrange to attend!
We had a small group this past Saturday go to the beach and party with us. It was 3 couples and one single fella who is really cool to hang out with!

Although the party started slow- once things got moving- let me tell ya it was fun!!!

Justin got one of us wives off alone and so I was left to decide what to do next.
Since one couple was just watching that night, I had two men to deal with ( for the record- I am not complaining! A woman loves knowing she affects the cocks of more than one man! )
Instead of dragging off one and then the other- I grabbed each one by the hand and said come on- lets borrow the suburban!

I got naked ( had been topless for a while so it wasnt hard to get totally naked! ) and helped the guys get naked too! One of the guys earlier had decided to run/dance around the fire naked- we all giggled because at that moment the Police decided to make a trip past our little group. LOL

A blowjob for both of them was a good place to start, which was my idea. Then I took turns- getting fucked by one while sucking the other- then getting fucked by the other one.

Just FYI- if you use the back of a suburban or a van- roll the windows down for some breeze or you will overheat. We have since decided that a tent with some fans is necessary for the next trip out to the beach!!!!

All in all it was a good time for pretty much everyone who went to that party. There was a small issue that cropped up, but it has been resolved and so I wont dwell upon it!

I even got some girly play too- which I love and dont get a lot of.

With a willing and sensuous woman I have no qualms putting on a show for the guys with her.

The hubby of one of our couples we play with occasionally loves to watch me and his wife. We joke that he just wants to watch and not join in all the time.

So we are back to playing and jumpstarting our sex lives again Who knows whom will be next? Not even I!

So I close with this thought-

Can one really fuck in a flying doughnut?


*Gropes to all who read these lines!*


luther672 49M

8/28/2005 8:39 am

Nice post Nina. I just now got a chance to catch up on your blog. As one of the two lucky guys who played that night I just have to say that you are just fantastic and I was surprised and pleased (could you tell? LO that you asked me to be part of it all. looking forward to the next beach party. By the way get in touch with me soon. I have a proposition for you and Justin.



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