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7/16/2005 1:29 pm

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(Ahh the innocent slut look! LOL its a cute/sexy look. I love the animated looking stuff!)

We went on out to the beach today and met with Red_Maiden, Texas_Friendly+ guest, and PhatCatnHornDawg. It was a small turn out to the beachfront, but the weather was a bit unpredictable and of course the beach was teeming with several other groups gathering at various points along the beach.
once we found them we got to hanging out on the beach and chatting. It kinda felt like being in the Texas chat with continuous REAL TIME video refresh!!!! LOL

Once it started raining, we decided to get back to our respective places (house, apt, hotel etc) to get cleaned up. Gonna try to get some food prior to the meet for drinks time at Graham Central

Hope to see all the CC TX folks out there tonight. I'll be the chick in the fishnets, combat boots and a schoolgirl skirt!


For those who talked to me after I was upset the other night, thanks for being a sounding board. Sometimes we all just need someone to listen while we vent! I really do appreciate it!
*special loves to my listeners*

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