And we played anyways!!!!  

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8/2/2005 12:31 am

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And we played anyways!!!!

(ha ha it looks like phatcatnhorndawg got his hands on the goods!!! .. or did he?)

Mornin Folks and welcome to the next installment of "As the Blog turns"! Today we open on another day at "General Hamburgers".

In short for real! DRAMA had her day today!

Today- not even the euphoric glow from last night could withstand todays drama. I work with teenagers (sigh) and every little thing is drama usually- but its serious enough to put a damper on my usual sunny disposition. One of my kids got tackled and smacked around by her 19 year old brother. She was kicked out by her family and told to pack and go. The officers were called, but she had already been listed as a runaway. (16 years old) It seems she will fall through the cracks of the system since the officers left her back at the house she was told to leave from. I watched her cry and saw the bruising on her face- I dont see how the police can ignore it! Either way I offered her my help, and may have to deal with more drama from the family.

Hmmm maybe I should just let Cowboy smack around the brother. Handle this the roughneck way!
My other option is to turn a blind eye (which is hard as hell for me to do since I care too damn much!)

Last night was fun! Cowboy and I went over to a house of some friends from here on the site- we had dinner at a nice Chinese Buffet and I got me my CRAB LEGS!!!! (yummy) After eating, we went back to their place and hung around watching TV until everyones tummys had settled.
(Dont ever play right after eating, it can get kinda embarassing )
It was kinda like take turns undressing each other. That worked for the most part, and we had fun laughing at how it took 2 of us to undress Cowboy with his long legs as dead weight (so not helpful) It was a nice time with a full partner swap and we hope to do it again sometime soon.

We are not a fast moving couple. I wish I knew how other people can just meet and fuck. Its hard for me to just relax enough sometimes let alone take my clothes off in front of a new person. (Being the ample person that I am)
Sometimes I think we are alone in the world of slow moving swingers- although I know several couples who move as slow if not slower than we.

*sigh* Ah the joys of nighttime drama - coming to you from Corpus Christi at 2:30 a.m.-ish

(comedy club finish) "Thank you thank you- I'll be here all week. Have a drink- be sure and tip the waitress! Its been a grand- er its been grand!"

Nakey hugs and gropes to yall


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