And on this day in the year 1978  

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5/27/2005 4:34 pm

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And on this day in the year 1978

Its my birthday, and now that I am done with Big Macs and Fries for today, I can get back to the rest of my life. Tonight me, Cowboy and the "rents" are goin to dinner to celebrate.

What sucks is that all day long the slave drivers I work for have been up my ass (not in a good way either!) to get things done, but to me we were just too busy getting the food out to get the secondary stuff done immediately. I had this image of the bosses neck between my hands and me squeezing and shaking him bodily. At one point I was smiling and didnt know it, he wanted to know what was so amusing... Maybe I should have told him my imaginings. LOL ok so it was a bad day, I'm moving on now.

Cowboy for some reason didnt know about my having started this Blog until the other night, so get ready! Coming soon to this very Blog will be posts by Cowboy (I save a horse every night, baby!) He will be here as long as the powers above allow, so be sure and check us out and tip your waitress.( oh wait, wrong line LOL )

I went out last night, sang some songs and had a drink. Kareyoke is so much fun! At least it is to me. At first it was just me and the girlies I hang with. With a token guy along as the Designated Driver (WEG). Slowly though our little group expanded and we added Cowboy and our buddy Tex.

At midnight they rang in my birthday, and this guy came over to talk to my blondie (a friend from work) and he bought her drinks. (I mean like 2 at a time drinks.) This guy was totally bombed, telling us every few minutes that he was looking into buying a hotel her in Corpus and reminding us of his name because he forgot he told us already. 5 minutes after he sits down with us, he grabs Blondies boob. She was livid about it and I agreed. You just dont do that with a person u just met. *Sigh*

Anyways, then he bums a smoke from her, flirts with me and asks me about my cup size, and tries to get another girl from across the room to come over so he can talk and buy her a drink. She declines as her date is with her and he turns back to Blondie. At some point I go sing and talk to some people, when I come back Blondies just returning from her song, and my drink is not where I left it. Apparently, he thought my drink was hers, (Crown and Coke looks like Rum and Coke sometimes)& he moved my drink. I wasnt gonna drink it after him, or if he put something in it. (Damn it I am a horny enough bitch, dont need any help there!)

Blondie pulled me aside because she was pissed off, this guy tried to grab her crotch without permission. its like he thought since he paid for the drinks, that he should get some in return. We go back and sit down for a bit, and he tries it again. So I tell him in my sternest "bitch" tone that he needs to stop it cuz my friends not his sex doll. He got upset and tried to stand up and leave abruptly, but he was so drunk that he almost fell on Blondie. Luckily, shes stronger than she looks. Muttering a "If you change your mind, heres my room number." he left the bar. Man what a night, there are some real assholes going to these places.

Let it be a lesson fellas, buying the drinks doesnt gaurantee the pussy. If that guy had been a gentleman with Blondie, she would have gotten a contact number for him and he would be goin out again, but no he was an ass and he left alone!

Cowboy was looking to put him in his place when he found out, but I like having Cowboy around and him going to jail just doesnt sound pleasing.

Sounds like I had an interesting night eh? It was fun 98% of the time anyways! I was even going to meet a friend from a chat there, but apparently I got stood up (I could cry!)
Ah well thats how the cookie crumbles.

Just gotta sing!!!!!!!


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