An Impromptu House Party  

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9/19/2005 12:53 am

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An Impromptu House Party

(Hey now, take away the top, that could have been me last night! I was kneeling on a large bed awaiting a hard fuck or awesome pussy licking!)

Arent the spur of the moment things usually the best? I think so

I spent the early afternoon taking care of my lil sis and my friend Jan's lil girl in the pool. (I was on anti drowning duty ) While we were soaking in the pool, my friend Jan got a phone call, and asked me if I felt up to goin to a "game night" at Tams. Did I? Hell yeah I did!
So she called Justin, asked him if he wanted to go- he said sure. When we left the pool (kiddos spent the whole night together playing on the computer and eating sugary snacks LO Jan had to go to get some snacks and such for Tam so we parted ways. Ended up around 8:30p.m. at Tam's house. We all sat in the living room and played Truth or Dare. It was alot of fun, and it broke the ice for those getting comfy enough to play.

Anyways- Justin says it was karma coming around to bite him in the ass, because I was the only lady who wanted to play all night long. The other women had one round and called it quits. Justin didnt get upset though, he let me play!!!

We were laughing because one of the ladies had used a oral creme that makes certain areas tingle when applied, but had used too much! Frank ran around saying Jan broke his dick, which through off my groove and I ended up laughing my ass off! Either way I had to fix his dick so he could play (hey I guess a blowjob will fix almost anything!) and I had plenty of willing guys to fuck me, lick me, spank me, and massage me!!!! (One guy gave me a foot rub and I melted into the mattress!) I got 4 rounds of fucking, a whole lot of oral, a massage, and a spank session!!!! Woohoo! Oh yeah and some grope-play in the shower!!! I got so much play, I was joking that I might go into amateur porn.

Either way, my hip was giving me problems (as it sometimes likes to) so we left the house late (one of the last couples to leave) and headed home! I got home, took a Lortab, a bath and crawled into bed where I had Justin go for the final bedtime round of the night.

He licked, I sucked, we 69'd, I let him slide his dick in my ass and he pounded me for a bit. Then we rolled, he finished fucking my pussy hard the way I like it. The spooning position rocks for us! I like to feel his hands on me, especially lately I like to be lightly choked while getting pounded hard. Oh Damn thats like an instant cream effect. And when he lets go, I am screaming like a fucking slut for him to pound me. (I love how he reacts when I talk dirty!)

I was in heaven let me tell ya, and I slept like a baby between the fuckin awesome pounding I got and the Lortab! I wanted to sleep in more than I did today, but had things to do. I would have blogged when I got in, but pain won out over blogging.

Either way- here I am now, thats my story of the party. It was great for me!

Hugs and Gropes yall


P.S. Oh yeah I will have to take some pics! Nessa girlie gave me a new pair of heels!!! They are the Mary Jane ribbon tied high heels! If ya love feet, or have a high heel fetish let me know- I just might email em or put em on a photo sharing!

yes I am evil!!!!!!!!!!! ~Nina

drnick20054 28M

9/19/2005 11:23 am

Karma's a bitch

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