A Tuesday Meeting  

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6/22/2005 11:54 pm

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A Tuesday Meeting

(Another hot pic and she is playin Solo- woohoo!!!)

Hey everyone!!!!
I had to work this morning from 5a.m. until 3p.m. so when I came home this afternoon- I CRASHED hard.

Cowboy and I had decided that it was gonna be cool to meet and possibly play with a really nice guy from the AdultFriendFinder site. At first, Cowboy was unsure how to take the idea of playing one on one. When I explained that our rules would still be in effect, and that nothing between me and him would change- then he calmed down a bit.

Needless to say though, he was nervous about my meeting someone from out of town. JD flew in and got a rental car. We met at TGI Fridays for lunch and broke the ice enough between him and Cowboy to make sure everyone was comfortable.

After lunch we all piled into 1 car, and went to the Museum here in town. I thought it would be something different to do, and it was really interesting. (Not to mention that for some reason flirting in places of learning really gets me going sometimes!!!)

We went through the replicas of the Columbus Ships. (YAY we walked on board the NINA <neenya> and the Santa Maria) I had visions of being tied to a mast and well... After all that we went to the beach and on the way back, Cowboy was getting tired.

He told me he was ok with my going off with him as long as rules were followed. I said ok, and asked JD if he had brought "raincoats" aka condoms. He hadn't so I ran in to get some from the drawer. I kissed Cowboy and then was back out the door and on my way to the hotel with JD.

Once at the hotel, we sprawled on the bed and talked a bit. I gave JD a little massage, then he went to grab a shower. (He wasnt used to the humidity I guess) JD has an awesome sense of humor and kept me giggling/smiling with his joking manner. I followed him into the shower and started rubbing my chest against his back and sliding my hands over him.

I was told by JD that his weakness is just being touched. The feeling of skin on skin. Since JD is about my height, I actually could kiss and nip at his neck and shoulders without having to strain- which is a nice change. Once he was done freshening up, we got out and dryed off.

He plopped back on the bed and I got next to him, put my lips around his hardon. JD has an interesting cock- nice and tasty! I licked for a while and sucked for a bit. Then we cuddled and kissed while touching and teasing. He spread my legs and licked my pussy while sliding 2 fingers in and out of me and alternating playing with my clit between tongue attacks.

After a while of playing, we pulled out a condom and rolled it on. He slid into me and started thrusting. He asked me what made me crazy, I told him to flip me over and find out what he gets. I got up on my knees and the pounding commenced. I get loud when you get me on my knees. It was a wonderful "play date" in my opinion. Afterwards we collapsed and took a litle nap. (I needed to recover)

Sadly JD got called back home early due to business issues, so we didnt get a full day together. But I am looking forward to another "play date" sometime soon!

Hugs and Gropes to You ALL

candietweet23 30F

6/23/2005 5:32 am

Well great u having someplay dates and already looking forward to more.

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