Whose Nipple is it Anyway? (WNIIA?)  

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7/8/2006 2:09 pm

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Whose Nipple is it Anyway? (WNIIA?)

How to spice up a party with a quick and easy game....

You need someone with a digital camera or mobile phone that takes pics, plus a way to download them to view on a large screen. Plus people with nipples, preferably women.

One person is responsible for taking each contestant into a private room to take a close up picture of the contestant's nipple. They can choose either one for display - whichever they are most proud of.

If it is a fund raising evening, you might want to auction the role of photographer. There are bound to be plenty of takers.

All pictures are then uploaded to the main screen, and everyone in the room has to work out who they belong to. The person who correctly matches the highest number of contestants wins a prize of some sort. If it involves some form of humiliation, best not to mention the nature of the prize beforehand.

Though of course the threat of public humiliation does actually work as a motivator for some people. You know the kind of people you're working with better than I do.

You might want to add in the optional Nipple Olympics, getting everyone to rate the best three, and then insist they are publicly displayed. People can opt out of the public display by instead agreeing to allow other people to feel them up, to verify that the nipples do indeed match the ones that were voted on.

Opting to display and be felt up is considered greedy and should not be allowed, unless everyone really really wants it.

Obviously WNIIA? is not good at a naked party, because everyone can just cheat and look round at everyone else's tits (which any guys and bi's there will have been doing all evening anyway, so they'll have had a head start).

A variation of WNIIA? can be all the nip shots taken of all the girls at a hen party, and later viewed by all the guys at the matching stag night. Equally, cock shots of the stag night (preferably in erect state, so the girls will have a chance to see them clearly without squinting) can be identified by the hen night group.

Incidentally, the groom-to-be should pay close attention to how many of the men in the room recognise the bride-to-be's nipple. The bride-to-be probably already knows how many of her friends have previously shagged the groom, because - guys - we tell each other far more than you ever realise, and in far more detail than you'd ever like to know. So she won't be at all surprised by how many of them recognise his cock.

Apart from which, we know guys love any opportunity to whip out their cocks for public display - as the profile pictures on AdultFriendFinder so clearly prove. So even if the barman and the cleaning lady recognise her fella's best asset, she won't be fazed...we hope.


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7/9/2006 12:28 am

Just wanna say welcome to the blogs...

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Thank you - I've been hanging around reading awhile before I got round to posting my own.

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