The Guest Cottage - fiction  

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The Guest Cottage - fiction

A bit of a change of pace, for the incurable romantics amongst us...

He stood at the arrivals gate, awaiting their new hotel guest. At such a small airport, she was not too difficult to spot as she came through Arrivals, looking around anxiously. He waved diffidently and walked towards her.

“Linda Fitzwilliam?” At her nod, he held out his hands for her luggage. “Hello. I’m Michael Stanmore, from the hotel.” She handed him her carry on luggage and her small suitcase.

They walked to the car, chatting. He had thought she would be older, given her fax insisting on the most isolated room in the hotel. But she was around his age, mid twenties. Glancing at her sidewise, he found himself interested in her ‒ no ring, no partner, no children on hand. And with an attractive, athletically-built body.

He squelched his thoughts on that subject.

After stowing the luggage in the boot, he opened the rear door and offered his hand to help her in.

“Could I sit in the front with you, please?”

“Of course!” He opened the front passenger door for her instead, and she slid in elegantly. Long legs, he noted, as he closed the door and walked around to his side.

Again, he squelched his thoughts on that subject, but he could feel his attraction to her growing.

On the drive to the hotel, he learned more about her, about how she had lived at home looking after her elderly mother for a number of years instead of going to college; and how, since her mother’s death a few months earlier, she had both the time and the money to go to college, but could not decide if that was what she wanted to do. So she was taking a few months’ break, to “find herself”. She grinned at him as she said that ‒ clearly not taking the concept entirely seriously.

In turn, he told her about the family hotel his parents owned, and in which he worked. No chance for him to go to college, whether he wanted to or not. His future career was very much mapped out for him. Not that he minded, he hastened to add, but the horizons were a bit close some days.

When they reached the hotel, he turned the car towards the separate guest cottage. Although she had paid only for a room in the hotel, the guest cottage was currently empty, with the garden and pool undergoing minor maintenance. But if she didn’t mind that, he felt sure she would appreciate the solitude. She smiled softly at him, and assured him she would.

He did not tell her his main reason for giving her the guest cottage: the person doing all the maintenance ‒ which had suddenly become a much longer list than he had previously planned ‒ would be him.

And he would be able to see her every day, away from the watchful eyes of his mother, who had unwelcome plans in the girlfriend department for him. He shuddered at the thought of Fenella, queen of the Pony Club.

A few hours later, he was working in the empty pool repairing a few minor cracks and checking the filters when she walked out of the cottage wearing a tiny, sexy bikini and carrying a towel. He studiously concentrated on the filter, hoping his interest was not visible under the shorts he was wearing. That body was as perfect as he had surmised.

She stood at the side of the pool and called his name softly. He walked over to her, and she crouched down onto her heels. Oh God, now his eyes were looking directly past her parted legs to her barely-covered crotch! He gulped slightly and looked up, trying to concentrate on what she was saying.

“I wondered if it was OK to sunbathe nude on this beach, whether there are any restrictions or anything?”

Shit, talk about getting him hot! At least he could blame the sun for his sweaty forehead.

“Sorry, I’m afraid you can’t. But if you hang on a minute, I’ll show you somewhere where you can.” He pulled himself up out of the pool and walked down with her to the beach. A few metres along, he pulled open some bushes and there, totally hidden from view and surrounded by vegetation, was a small sandy area.

“No view of the sea, I’m afraid,” he shrugged apologetically, “but you’ll catch the sun and you can be as naked as the day you were born in here. No- one will know.” Except me, he thought, and hugged the secret to himself. They shared a grin and in she went, only surfacing a couple of hours later, giving him the thumbs-up as she passed.

And so it went on. Every morning, he worked in her garden or in the pool as she lay on the lounger in her bikini and chatted to him or silently read her book.

From time to time, he looked over at her, only to find her already looking at him, her eyes hidden by her sunglasses. They would both look away in confusion. He wondered if she too could feel the chemistry between them which was eating him up.

In the afternoons, after a light lunch up at the hotel, she would take her towel and her book and disappear to her secret hiding place for a few hours.

As he worked, he found himself thinking about her all the time, wanting to see her naked, wanting to touch her, to kiss her. To make love to her. Just wanting her.

Eventually, he came to a decision.

On the day before she left, she passed him as usual on the way to her secret spot. She sighed dramatically, “I can’t believe this will be my last time to do this. It’s so perfect!” and off she walked. Hiding a smile, Michael put down his tools and reached into the bag he had alongside him, quietly following her at a short distance.

He saw her push aside the bushes and suddenly pull up short at the unexpected sight in front of her. She turned around in confusion. He held up two glasses and grinned.

”I think you’ll find the champagne should be nicely chilled by now!” She laughed and held open the bush so he could come through after her.

He put down the glasses on the small table, alongside the bucket of champagne on ice and turned to put his arms around her. She was ready and waiting for his embrace, and leaned in to kiss him deeply.

“Mmmmm, that was divine! Now come here, you,” and he cheekily grabbed her bottom as he pulled her in really close, to hold her against the full length of his body. He didn’t mind now that she would be able to sense his interest, in every sense of the word. “I’ve been dying to touch you since the moment you arrived, and this is the only opportunity I’ve got. And I warn you, I’m going to make the most of it!” and with that, his hands roamed over her bottom, her bare back and round to her flat stomach.

She put a hand over his, to stop him from going any further. “I’m sorry,” she said archly, “but I’m fairly certain there are rules against fraternising with the guests. I’m sure your mother wouldn’t approve!”

He smiled slyly, one step ahead of her. “That’s exactly why I checked you out this morning. Tonight, you’re staying here as my friend, not as a paying guest. And I believe that the rules do permit me to fraternise with my friends!”

“Ah well,” she sighed in mock-defeat, as she lifted her hands to undo the strap of her bikini top, “it looks like this might as well come off now, then.”

And before his astonished eyes, it did.

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ZZ_Todd 59M

8/20/2006 2:23 pm

Ahhh... Two more masterpieces!

CB_2 replies on 8/20/2006 2:29 pm:
Thank you kind sir.

And while I've got your attention, can I just say I really like your sexy picture, with its hint of what we can't quite see. The cock shot boys should learn a few things.


rm_lucytart 50F
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8/20/2006 10:55 pm

Very hot story, thanks!

CB_2 replies on 8/21/2006 2:24 am:
Thank you Lucy. I was in a romantic, fluffy mood!

economickrisis 55M

8/22/2006 2:03 am

Hmmmm .... I like the way your mind works luv

CB_2 replies on 8/22/2006 12:09 pm:
But not enough to e-mail me? Sob.

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