Saturday Morning - fiction  

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Saturday Morning - fiction

The bang of the window cleaner’s ladder on the wall woke Mandy up, and she rolled over towards Richard. Her hand reached over to see if he was hard, and he pushed it away grumpily, head still buried in the pillow.

“Geddoff, I need to sleep”.

“What kind of a man are you, waking up without a hard-on, then?” she teased, knowing full well that he had done so two hours previously, and she had dealt with it for him. The memory of what he did made her smile. No wonder he needed to sleep.

Lying on her back, she glanced out of the window as the window cleaner’s head appeared above the sill. Ooh, a new one, nice body. And young ‒ no more than 18, she reckoned. Initially surprised to see them lying in bed, he smiled to her and waved. She waved back.

She got up out of bed and walked to the window, completely naked. His smile switched to a look of alarm. He had no idea where to direct his gaze.

Mandy leaned her elbows on the sill, giving him a good view of her breasts, then pointed down the stairs to the back of the house. He looked at her wide-eyed, and then at Richard lying face down on the bed, eyes closed. Patiently, she pointed to him, to herself and again towards the back of the house, until he got the message and nodded. He started to climb down his ladder.

As Mandy walked towards the door, Richard lifted his face from the pillow and grinned at her. “Oi, girl, screw him quietly. Some of us are trying to sleep, here”. Affectionately, she stuck up two fingers and tripped lightly downstairs.

The boy was absent-mindedly wiping the glass with his squidgee, clearly not sure if he had misunderstood after all. Relief, mingled with embarrassment, flooded his features as she walked into the room and came to open the French windows.

God, he was gorgeous, tanned and muscular. And clad only in a pair of low cut denim shorts. Mandy felt a flip in her stomach at the sight of his pubic hair peeping over the front of his shorts. There was a fine line between too much body hair and not enough, and he was just on the right side of that line.

“Hello you”, she purred, pulling him inside by the waistband. He smiled nervously, glancing up at the ceiling. She kissed him and ran both hands over his crotch as she did so. She had his full attention already.

Entering the room completely naked probably did that.

“Don’t worry about him. We can do it quietly if you like”. She was such a liar. She didn’t believe in quiet, but by the time he found that out it would be far too late to stop. She dragged him down onto the floor on top of her, undoing his fly as she did so.

“Mmmm, a big boy as well”, she ran her hand up and down his cock appraisingly. He was quivering with excitement. “I think I’ll have to dig out one of my extra big condoms for you, lovey. Wait there”, and she disappeared off to the kitchen.

Yesss, she punched her fist in the air ‒ just the kind of thing I had in mind, this lovely Saturday morning. Young, big and very, very hard. She was already wet at the thought of him moving inside her.

He was lying propped on his side when she returned, exactly as she had left him, with shorts undone and cock sticking out. He might be nervous, but he didn’t lack self-confidence. Good, a boy who knows how to handle his impressive equipment.

She sat down on the floor, opened her legs invitingly, and crooked her finger at him. Standing up, he took off the few clothes he had on and smiled slyly across at her. Ooh, so tempting to take him in her mouth, now he was just at the right height. The same thought had obviously occured to him as well.

But on the other hand, think of the feel of him between her thighs. Mandy was torn between two options, but her pussy claimed greater need. Maybe she could give him a blow job some other time.

She crooked her finger again, and he knelt down in front of her. He was a great kisser, flicking his tongue inside her mouth, under her ear, on her neck, moving down to kiss all over her body. His fingers lightly tip-tapped down her spine to her arse, and up again, then he lifted her arm and licked inside and around her armpit. The feeling was delicious, sending sparks of pleasure through her body. Bloody hell, an erogenous zone she had no idea existed, taught to her by a boy barely old enough to have left school.

She gave a shiver of anticipation.

He was in no rush to fuck her. On the one hand, she liked the way he was determined to enjoy every moment, stringing out the pleasure. On the other, she was really, really into instant gratification.

“I want you now”, she groaned, putting on the condom she had brought through, taking the opportunity to feel him up and down. Bloody hell, it was hardly big enough. Too late now to regret not sucking him off. He was certainly going to fill her up, that was for sure, a thought which released more liquid between her legs.

With a sigh, she lay back on the floor and spread her legs. With another quick glance at the ceiling, he put his fingers inside her to make sure he had room, then gently guided himself inside her.

“Tell me to stop if it hurts”, he whispered. What a horny idea, that he could be so big as to hurt her. She knew she wouldn’t tell him to stop, whatever. No pain, no gain. She wanted him to fill her completely, and pushed herself down on to him, so he would get the idea.

“Oh God, that’s good. Keep going, big boy”. He was happy to oblige, seeming surprised that he was able to slip his full length inside her. She reckoned he usually got told to stop. He took his weight on his arms, so as not to squash her, then gradually started rocking inside her. She wound her legs round his back and tipped her pelvis forward, so he could get in even deeper. She could feel his dick almost pressing into her arse, it was so far in.

Gradually, the tempo increased and she got hotter and hotter, feeling up and down his body with her hands, periodically biting his shoulder or pinching his nipples. She arched her back in pleasure and moaned quietly. Every time she made a sound, she felt his cock quiver. Probably a mixture of fear and excitement.

If he could hold out for her to come, and not shoot off first, she knew they would end up coming together, very noisily. The thought gave her another tingle of excitement.

Eventually, she could hold off no longer, and her moans got louder and louder. He tried to kiss her quiet, but she pushed her face away as she thrust her hips up at him. “Yess, baby… push harder … ooh, that’s the spot… oh God, that’s so good”. She felt his balls tighten as he got ready to explode inside her.

She was right ‒ when the moment came, he no more cared than she did how much noise they made. There was always something magical about simultaneous orgasm. A kind of fusion.

“Shit … fuck … uh-unh”, he pounded into her again and again, eventually collapsing his weight on top of her, panting with the exertion. For a moment he paused, then laughed quietly and kissed her again.

“How do you take your coffee, then, or do you need something stronger?” asked Richard politely from the kitchen door. The boy looked up in alarm, then down again at Mandy. She winked, smiled and eased herself out from under him, taking the robe that Richard held out for her.

“Errrr, I seem to have got a bit behind with the windows actually”, the boy muttered. “Nothing for me, thanks. I’ll just carry on from where I got to”. He reached over for his shorts, put them on and went out of the patio door, turning as he went to waggle his fingers in a private little wave for her. She waggled hers back, then suggestively sucked on her index finger.

Next time, I’ll have you here, boy.

Mandy and Richard took their coffee upstairs, along with the morning papers. Sitting up in bed a few moments later, she thoughtfully sipped her drink. “You know what’s great about teenagers, Richard?”

“Go on, then. Tell me”, he said as he idly ran his hand down her thigh. He had a good idea what she was thinking, filthy girl.

“By the time I’ve finished this coffee, he’ll be ready to roll again. Yum”, and she smacked her lips in anticipation.

Blogito ergo sum.

IrishKev 40M
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7/10/2006 12:53 pm

Very very very nice...glad I happened to come across a few of your stories because they are quality

CB_2 replies on 7/10/2006 1:12 pm:
Thank you, kind sir. Watch this space - there are many more to come.

CB_2 replies on 7/10/2006 2:22 pm:
Ooh, just checked out your profile and seen the pic in larger size ... button-fly jeans. Woo hoo! They get a girl excited, I promise you. happyf;

IrishKev 40M
1523 posts
7/10/2006 10:20 pm

Hehe thats good to know!

Shameless_Biotch 48F

7/11/2006 1:42 pm

**chuckling naughtilty deep in her throat**
That was a great story, what an imagination you have, Luv!
You sound like my kind of girl!!
Too bad I have to wash my own windows, but I have asked hubby if we can get a pool boy or gardener, much like the one you described, but he said we don't have a pool or garden/yard!!LOL Oh well...

I enjoy your stories very much, keep on bloggin for us!!


CB_2 replies on 7/11/2006 2:45 pm:
What a shame you live so far away SB. I have a feeling we'd get (it) on

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
7/30/2006 9:41 am

I am really enjoying your wonderful horny stories.

warm xx

CB_2 replies on 7/30/2006 1:58 pm:
Thank you. And I enjoyed visiting your blog yesterday as well.

FullOn4U 51M  
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9/23/2007 4:09 pm

Where's a female window cleaner when you need one...

CB_2 replies on 9/23/2007 4:11 pm:
Mmmmm, just imagine her rubbing her breasts against the window pane......

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