Going down: how to do it properly!  

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8/12/2006 2:43 am

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Going down: how to do it properly!

Sorry, I can't offer you the secret here, because I'm sure what works for one is not what works for another. But I'm hoping we're going to pool some knowledge here, and all learn something.

Firstly, apart from the posting I made the other day (Now THIS is what I call erotic...), which links to a really hot description of foreplay, I need to pimp NakedLnch yet again. His article My First Lesbian Encounter (Part 2) is pretty definitive on this subject, in my view (by the way, that's part 2 of a 2 parter, but it's where the sex starts). Damn, he's good!

And here's a very detailed article about eating pussy and driving women wild, written by a woman: Here are some directions. I found it a bit hard to read, because I'm not good with text-speak and big paragraphs, but the content is excellent. Tease us, boys.

Oh, and Moonlightphoenix is very detailed on this subject as well. Her post Fucking Myself is a must read.

Anyway that's a good starting point. Read and learn, guys (and interested gals). And even if you don't learn anything, you'll get nicely heated, I promise you.

For my own personal preference, I like:

Eye contact

Nothing like it to get the juices flowing, knowing that he's watching me whilst pleasuring me down below. Very hot.


When you are down there, please remember: you are not performing mouth to mouth rescusitation, so don't clamp your jaws round it and suck like a fish out of water. In fact, the old "I can breathe through my ears" joke should have been retired approximately 46,000 years ago. Don't use it, it's corny! And not at all sexy.

No, let me suggest you keep well back (easier for the eye contact as well), open your mouth and let your tongue out to do all the work. Move it around, different textures (fat tongue and pointy tongue feel very different), different movements, differing pressures etc.

And combine it with a bit of sucking every now and then - but do it sparingly. We don't want to feel you're sucking oranges down there.

I read somewhere that what you can do is write with your tongue around her nethers: A, B, C, etc. Or you can even write little messages and see if she can decipher the letters. Unless of course she's already having an orgasm, in which case it isn't fair to expect her to concentrate.


And blow little breaths as an alternative to using your tongue sometimes. It's all about sensitising, and a little hot (or cold) blow makes a marvellous change of scene.

Location, Location, Location

Don't home straight in on the clitoris or pussy. Take plenty of time checking out the general location: along the join of the legs and torso is an extremely sensitive (and often ignored) erogenous zone; down the thighs (any comments about cellulite, and you'll be out of there before you know what's hit you ... which will be her, by the way); that sensitive strip behind the pussy and before the arse; working gradually south from the belly button etc etc.

When you buy a house, you don't look at just the house itself. You explore the neighbourhood first. It's exactly the same principle here. Explore thoroughly and slowly. She'll try to rush you back to her clit, but resist her - it's for her own good, and she'll thank you for it ... hopefully more than once!

Later Addition:

I love the ideas from NakedLnch and IrishKev about sticking around and "making" her have a second orgasm, even when she tells you she's too sensitive, and wants you to stop. Ignore us when we say stupid things like that!!!!!! We'll thank you for it later.

Anyway, those are my thoughts to start you off. They have certainly started me off, judging by the state of my panties! Damn, where's a sex partner when you need one?

Tell me about how you like to go down, or be gone down on. Make it educational or make it horny; both work for me....


Blogito ergo sum.

rm_smosmof2 67M
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8/12/2006 4:30 am

Very well explained... now all I need is a willing lab partner.

CB_2 replies on 8/12/2006 6:10 am:
Sorry, can't help you there. But at least you have the info for future ref now!

NakedLnch 48M

8/12/2006 12:38 pm

Wonderful tips, sweetness. And THANK YOU for the shout out about my article. You're so good to me.

You touched (so to speak) on something that I've learned here since writing that lesbian piece. It's this business of her trying to control you back to her clit, or even more, telling you to stop after you've made her cum. For all this time, I've been listening to my sweet lady, figuring she knew what was best for her tasty pussy. But this "she'll-thank-you-later" idea really works. I made this girl cum with my mouth and she was grabbing me, telling me to fuck her and begging me to stop licking her: "I need a minute to recover," she said.

But I powered on. Of course, it was a bit like trying to lick a flopping fish, but then POW! She came again...even harder than before. She just looked at me like I was the coming of a new dawn.

Then I fucked her.

CB_2 replies on 8/12/2006 2:02 pm:
Shit babe, you have the gift of writing really hot stuff (in case you didn't realise, it's the simplicity of your last sentence).

IrishKev 40M
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8/12/2006 1:06 pm

Not much more to add to that I don't think. In all my times down there I think I keep doing it different although it still seems to get the desired results ( I think ). One thing not there is using your teeth which happened with one girl I was with and she absolutely loved it. I would lick just a little bit to get her going but when I used my teeth to nibble her clit and pull it out she used to cum a lot very quick

CB_2 replies on 8/12/2006 2:04 pm:

maverick1255 51M
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8/12/2006 4:15 pm


CB_2 replies on 8/12/2006 5:06 pm:
You liked that, Mav? Kind of got the impression you did Is that why the door to the boys' bathroom is currently locked? (or is NakedLnch still in there??)

Maquis55 62M
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8/14/2006 5:36 pm

So, reads "Oral Check list" as current technique clearly lacks something (Sensitive..........Moi ??) & follows instructions (Like sex toys with a pulse should, of course).

Advice, chat & recounting personal experiences/preferences is useful but just possibly ignores the point that although all genitalia may well have the same "Components", these are often arranged slightly differently person-to-person, have varying levels of sensitivity & thus "Technique" has to be tailored to, for example, position of Clitoris/G-Spot & dexterity of a given tongue, its size, length & texture.

Gives a whole new meaning to being a "Silver-tongued devil !!" (Laughs)

CB_2 replies on 8/14/2006 5:58 pm:
You're such a tart, Maquis. Now I can't post anything without you thinking it's about you?????? (but yes, do read carefully, especially NakedLnch and that other posting from a woman, even if it is difficult to read....good ideas, both). Am beginning to think you may be as ego-maniacal as me.

Oh, and hope you like the new story, though it's not quite such light bondage as you requested....

lustcurious42 56F

8/15/2006 10:08 pm

Oh geesh, where to start? Well, I love oral. Duh. And everything adds to it. Where he places his hands, how we caresses me. Pinching my nipples as I come. But let me see if I can think of what he does that drives me nuts......
I can feel him licking my clit, little sucks on it now and then. His tongue at times daring in and out, at other times big circular strokes. His fingers glide across the outside of my opening, and as I get nearer and near, his fingers enter inside of me. Probing me as his tongue on my clit is intensified. As my body shivers and trembles, he never lets us. As I close my legs, he pries them open, his tongue this time darting in and out of my soaked pussy and then his lips back up to my clit. This time before I explode, I feel his other finger enter my butt and stroke, as his fingers stroke inside my pussy, his tongue and lips wrapped around my clit. As I shudder and my screams fill the night, he begins again....... ok, I guess that's what I like.

CB_2 replies on 8/16/2006 1:29 am:
Mmmmmmm, yes that sounds pretty good.

Finished with your magic wand yet?

commissioner99 73M
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2/19/2007 9:03 am

I cannot add to what has been said but I wouldn't mind a go at you myself to see if I can compare.

CB_2 replies on 2/19/2007 11:19 am:
Very kind thought, thank you!

wolfslair19522 64M
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3/1/2007 2:53 pm

going down on a very sexy lady which i can tell that you are is a rare form of art which i would like to share with you in a private one to one encouter i would like to try as we are neibours of a sort that we both reside in the garden of eden lits of T.L.C. needed at the right time HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON WOLF XX

CB_2 replies on 3/1/2007 4:00 pm:
That's very kind of you Wolf, but I'm afraid I am already rather busy

lizzardlicks63 53M

3/5/2007 3:43 am

i know the right way just ask her and then blow raspberry's on her clit until she begs you to stop then do it some more she will never forget the experience and will cumm back for more! but yes the tongue is Rather a useful tool foreplay can be as long as you want but the after play is just as existing try it you might like it!

CB_2 replies on 3/5/2007 5:30 am:
Hmmm, not sure about raspberrys blown on my clit! Maybe I'll ask someone to try it out on me

And yes, I believe in using tongues at all stages.

Welcome to my blog, by the way.

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