my 1st AFF encounter part 1(i will continue more in a bit)  

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5/14/2005 4:03 pm

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my 1st AFF encounter part 1(i will continue more in a bit)

I had my account for about one month and had decided there was no way I could keep up with all the emails and felt rude just ignoring some. So I was going to close my account. On my way to finding the "close your account" button, I was taking one last glance at my 'perfect matches.' There was one that I thought had a pretty great smile so I figured what the hell....I will just send a wink and see what happens, but I had little hope of him being someone interesting.

Within 2 hours I had an email from him directing me to his yahoo messenger for some chatting. Unfortunately, my husband was home so I wasnt able to jump right on and chat with him. Actually, it would be 2 days til I got on messenger and I found him to be on line. He was at work. We started out with just friendly conversation, which flowed so easily it was amazing. I found out he was a fireman(and boy do I love the uniforms). We continued to talk about our kids, our jobs, and then we talked about what we liked sexually. It was like we were filling in the blanks as the other talked. It was getting very erotic and fun and by the time we decided to exchange phone numbers, we had been chatting for almost 10 hours. I guess thank god there were no fires....LOL!!!

So the next day we talked on the phone and i was so turned on from his voice and his laid back attitude I couldnt resist inviting him down the very next day. He agreed. We had exchanged some more photos and He had also seen my webcam for most of the day.

So the next morning after my family had left he was there, at my front door. He was 10 times sexier in person....dark hair, dark eyes, and a great body!! How lucky am I? Now if he finds just as irrestible. He comes in the door and leans in to hug me and we share a slow soft was hard for me to back off and slow down. Deep inside i would have stripped him down and tasted him right there.

But instead we sat on the couch and chatted for about 30 minutes. I was totally surprised how at ease I felt with him. He was slowly making himself comfortable and had been holdong and stroking my hand for a while. Then with just a little lean in we started kissing again. This time is wasnt going to stop. His lips were so soft and his tongue teased just perfectly. I believe it took him by surprise to realize what my tongue ring would feel like. He has this amazing kiss where he doesnt have to touch me with his hands, he can control my motions with his lips. And that absolutely melts me.

Without breaking the kiss he pulled me onto his lap. So I was straddling his legs....above him, still kissing and his hands were entangled in my hair pulling me down. My hands feeling his warm chest thru his shirt. I was dying to see what was underneath. So i leaned back on my knees and took off his shirt over his head. Oh, his chest was defined and smooth....just waiting for my lips and tongue to taste his warm skin. As my lips traced along his neck to his chest, his hands were slowly unbuttoning my shirt to reveal to him a red, lacy bra. His hands were rough but he touched me softly tracing the ridges of my bra.

As I lowered my mouth to his nipples and started to lick and tease, his moan told me that I had discovered his sensitive spot. His hands raised me up to kiss him again and I could no longer wait, I climb off of his lap and stood in front of him. I asked if we could go to the bedroom and he just told me to lead the way.

We didn't get to step through the door and we were kissing and undressing each other. I had a craving, I had to taste him. As he stood at the foot of the bed i lowered myself to my knees and kissed along his waist sinking my fingers into the waistband of his boxers. Moving my mouth down to his hard cock through the material. Teasing with my warm breath and pressing my lips into him to driving him wild. Then I lowered them and took the tip of his cock in my lips letting my tongue circle the saliva running down the shaft to meet my hand which gripped him at the base. It did not take long and my lips were sliding up and down him as i looked up at him. I loved seeing him watch me take his cock all the way to the back of my throat. My lips tighten around him and I suck to taste all he was giving me. My tongue running across every ridge and vein on the underside. by the grip of his hand in my hair I could tell he was trying to hang on, but this is what i pleasure him, to taste him, to enjoy all that he had. As it had built up inside him he softly warned me that he was going to cum, as he didn't know if i wanted to swallow, I continued the motion with my lips and my hand feeling his cock swell and his hips come forward as he shot all the way down my just keep filling me and i took all of it.

When he relaxed he didn't waste anytime standing me up and kissing me as he laid me back on the bed. I was so wet and wanted him inside me so badly my hips were already grinding.

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5/21/2005 2:16 pm

hot story and hot pictures of the fireman!

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7/19/2005 10:17 pm

w0w. Now that is one hot story. I was actually hanging on for every word. Bravo!

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