Tahoe Trip  

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5/20/2005 2:32 pm

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Tahoe Trip

It was a friday nite, he was heading to Tahoe with his buddies and in passing had suggested that I come up on my own and maybe we could spend some time together. I really wanted him to have time with the guys, but an overnite trip to Tahoe sounded so appealing, so i figured even if i didnt get to see him that much some R&R would be great for me.

He was there before me, and called my cell and i thought it might be fun to surprise him. So as he pleaded with me to come to Tahoe and promised me a night of unforgettable sex, breakfast in bed and even a massage. I kept it cool and was totally acting disappointed that i couldnt make it. When in actuality i was 30 minutes away. I finally talked him to going down to the bar in the hotel with his buddies and I would call him in the morning.

In about 25 minutes i was in the lobby checking in and with just an overnite bag i decided to stroll thru the hotel bar to see if i could see him. The look on his face would be priceless(I hoped)!!

Upon entering the bar I didnt need to see him when i heard the rowdy boys in the back of the bar I knew exactly where he was. As i forced myself to go closer to see if i could find him the butterflies in my tummy were crazy. I had no idea what he would do infront of his coworkers. As i stepped around a pilar in the bar he caught sight of me. He had the biggest smile on his face. Oh what a relief he isnt upset i came down where his friends were.

He walked right over to me....hugged me, leaned back and as i was about to say hi....he kissed me. It started innocent, but didnt take long and it was deep and long and wet and my toes were totally curled up.

He walked me to my room so i could put my bag away. He had been drinking with the boys for a while

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