1st AFF encounter (part 2)  

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5/18/2005 5:54 pm

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1st AFF encounter (part 2)

I opened my legs for him and he put his weight on top of me. He leaned down and kissed me. As he rocked back and forth rubbing against my lips. He continued to tease me....It was like he was waiting to hear me ask for it....or beg for it. But i didnt wait, as he raised himself up a little i wrapped my long legs around his waist and pulled him into me. It was an amazing sensation as he was on the "larger than average" list. LOL. I swear my pussy was sensitive that i felt every ripple as he slowly pushed inside me. He didnt go all the way inside me because it took my breathe away when i pulled his cock inside me. Slowly with each stroke he got deeper and deeper. Until i laid my hand on his chest and looked into his eyes and begged him to "F#@* ME!"
It was unreal how deep he was getting and with the curve of his cock he hit my spot every time. To be honest i had never experienced and orgasm in the missionary position without clitoral stimulation. But i could feel it and he could tell by my moans that it was close.

His hands held my thighs up and opened me wider for him to enter. So wet and so hot against him, he loved it. Then when he started his powerful thrust inside me, the sound of our skin together and the feeling of his cock rubbing so deeply sent me over the edge....I came all over his cock. He said he could feel me squirt all down him. He was not ready to cum yet so he pulled out and started kissing me again as my thighs trembled for the intense orgasm i had just felt. Perfectly, he glided down my body with his lips to

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