1st AFF encounter (finale)  

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5/19/2005 7:10 pm

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1st AFF encounter (finale)

....my most private part. Still swollen and sensitive, my clit was glistening from all the wettness. He loved the smooth skin all around as i had just groomed the nite before. He started with his lips on my tummy and then down to my waist and to my thigh. He was kissing me gently as I felt his hands slide underneath my ass and lift my hips to his tongue. Oh god how good his tongue felt!!!! He started gently, just up and down slowly and then stopping and swirling his tongue around my clit. It was as if he was kissing me and using my clit as my tongue. As I started to moan to let him know I was ready for more aggressivness he worked his lips all the way around my clit and flicked it with his tongue. I thought it was gonna be seconds before i came for him again. But as I would start to get close he would stop and kiss on my thighs or just lie his head against the side of my leg and look up at me.

But after his playfulness had about wore me out, he buried his face in my pelvis and took my clit and worked it as my juices flowed all down my slit. I was gripping the back of his head with one hand and the other was about to rip the sheet in half as I held on as if I was about to fall 6 stories out a window. Finally in a huge rush I arched my back and let myself go as he continued to lick me, to taste me, to pleasure me!!!

My body was completely exhausted, but I had to taste myself on his lips so i sat up in bed and kissed him...ran my tongue around his lips tasting what he had just giving me. Even though I was shot physically, I could not resist returning the favor.

He laid back on my pillow and let me feel his amazing body with my hands, tongue and lips. The way he just laid back and watched me move on him was so hot. I loved teasing his nipples with my tongue ring and looking up at him...right into his eyes to see the pleasure he was feeling. As i moved lower his hard cock lightly brushed against my tummy then my nipples. Standing at attention waiting for my warm mouth to taste. I lowered myself down between his legs and started on his balls. My tongue lightly licking upward teasing his cock of what was to come. In one motion i would lick from his balls, up his shaft, to the tip, then swirl my tongue around the tip. Taking just the head in my lips....tasting his precum. Then parting my lips and swallowing his cock til it hit the back of my throat. I worked my lips up and down as he would get close i would pause and look into his eyes so he knew how much I desired him....I desired every inch of him.

I placed my hands on the underside of his thighs and was going to give him one last pleasure. I lifted his legs a bit to bend his knees and let my tongue go down to his balls again. I lightly sucked them and continued to move lower with my tongue. He didnt stop me...if anything he opened himself to me. He let me take my tongue back to his hole, to tease him. Oh it was amazing to hear how enjoyed the sensations of my tongue penetrating his ass. As I looked up over him i could see his head laid back and his eyes closed as his cock was swelling once again. I pleasured him with a rimjob for a while...licking, and penetrating. But I wanted him to cum inside me. My pussy ached to feel his big cock inside me.

I positioned myself on my knees, lowering my head to the bed and arching my hips back. God how i craved to have him deep inside me...as deep as he could reach. He was behind me his hands touched my back and brought his cock up to slide up and down my slit, making me wetter if that was at all possible. I didnt even realize i had said it til i felt it happen. I said, "oh please let me feel you inside me!!" In one big motion he buried himself in me as i moaned with ecatasy. His motion and rhythm were like nothing i had ever had. He continued to pump inside me making me cum two more times to finally finish with himself exploding inside me. His body convulsed as he drove his cock deep and let his cum fill me up. He was an amazing lover.

As we finished i laid back on the bed....still shaking from his powerful orgasm, and he laid ontop of me, crossing his arms across my chest and resting his chin on them. He just looked at me. Wow!!! was all i was thinking.....WOW!!!!!

The most amazing thing after this meeting was the friendship we built outside of the bedroom. And inside was earthshattering!! We would have more encounters, but I have to pause and catch my breath again before i give you the Trip to Tahoe episode....Gotta love those firemen!!!

rm_kayfer69 57M

5/29/2005 5:54 pm

Couldn't leave without saying thank you, gripping stuff!

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