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4/17/2006 8:20 pm

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I have decided that I want a few more piercings and I want to redo some that I have had in the past. I'm going to repierce my nipples, I just hope that this time I can keep some of the women from pulling and playing with them when they find out I've got them, that is until they have completely healed. That was my problem with the last piercings I had in my nipples.

I already have 2 piercings in each lobe and thinking about one more in each ear through the cartilage.

The last one I'm looking at is a Prince Albert, if you know what that is then I give you credit on knowing your piercings. Most people just giggle about that one and they are not sure what it really is. I've been thinking about this one for a while now. Just have not completely decided about it.

I love both piercings and tattoos and if you've got them and we talk then that's a plus for you. Now I just need to take the time to go into Body Staind and have them done. While I'm there I may have a couple of tats done too.

I won't call it an obsession or a fetish, but I will call it a release when I have a piercing done.

Tell me what you think. Or are you hiding something underneath your clothes that you do not want others to see?


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