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Chances are

He's minding his own business sitting at the bar sipping his drink when she walks in. She breath taking. 5'5" around 110 lb and curves in all the right places, she's wearing a short skirt and a silk blouse. She sits across the bar from him. He can not help but stare at her and everyone in the bar can tell that he is staring at her, including her. She smiles and waves to him across the bar and he knows he was caught and smiles, turns a little red, and waves back.

He continues to think of this woman as he finishes his drink. The bartender comes over with another drink for him and he tries to wave him off, that he is done, but the bartender explains that it is from the beauty across the bar. He accepts the drink and raises it to thank her. As he finishes the drink she gets up and starts across the bar and speaks to him as she passes. "Meet me outside in the parking lot" and she leaves. He can not believe what he has heard and sits there a few more seconds before he decides to get up and leave the bar. He's feeling a little buzzed as he walks out the door. There she is across the parking lot, waving to him to come over. As he gets closer, he starts to say something and she stops him by saying, "No need for names or formalities, I want you and I can tell you want me, so follow me down the street to the Blue Aces hotel and meet me in room 312." He says ok and heads for his car.

The whole ride over, he can not believe his luck, here is this beautiful woman that wants to be alone with him in a hotel room. He arrives and sees her entering on of the rooms. He sits in his car for a few minutes trying to make sense of it all, but soon his other head starts to do the thinking for him.

"What are you waiting for dummy, you have a beautiful woman upstairs in a hotel room waiting for you to arrive." "I know, I know, I'm just not used to this kinda thing happening to me." "Well get over it dumb ass and get yourself up there before she gets tired of waiting for you." "Ok, you're right, I'm going." "About damn time too."

He gets to the door and it's open, he slowly pushes it open saying "Hello, where are you?". "Just come in and close the door." she says. The room is pitch black, he can not see a thing, it was so damn bright outside and his eyes had not adjusted to it being dark yet. He feels her move in front of him and she slowly pushes him to what he thinks is the bed, he feels the mattress against his legs. She pushes him down and jumps on top of him, before he knows what is happening, she has both of his wrists secured and is working on his ankles. He tries to resist and ask what is going on, but she just slaps him and says "Shut up my little bitch."

She finished with the last ankle and she turns on a light. He can not believe his eyes as he is looking at all the devices and toys on the next bed. She just looks at him and says "This is going to be fun, I hope you enjoy." He tries to get free, but it's no use. She has him bound extremely well.

She looks at him and asks, "What should we use first?"

Do you think I should continue? Let me know what you think.

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