Who would have thought...  

ByteChaser2 52M
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12/27/2005 6:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who would have thought...

May little baby is at the vets. She's got a perforated anal gland. I know... It sounded a bit "quacky" to me too but I did a little research.

Appearantly a great many mammals have a pair of these things - I guess you know where - and they secrete pheromones. These pheromones signal an animals readiness to mate.

So thats why dogs sniff each others butts...

And my baby's is broke. It's got to hurt too.

But here's whats got me chewed up more than her being in pain. I have serious doubts the battle-axe would have taken her to the vet. Not because she doesn't love that dog... Hell, she loves her more than she ever did me.

No, she'd have groused and complained that the dog wasn't eating or drinking or that the dog had been oozing gunk on the bed spread or carpet. She'd have thought; "I'll just wait till (daddy-byte) gets home and he can take care of it". Lord only knows how long she'd waited before my mom and dad finally took her to the vet.

But it's ok now. Mom and dad save the day - and quite possibly my baby too - and she's in good hands. Surgery in the morning. I'm still worried sick and pretty pissed. But it'll be ok.

Who would have thought I'd love that little lady so damned much.

rm_sj365 55F
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12/27/2005 8:03 pm

awwwwwwwwwwwwww shes cute! maybe a lil over accessorized..but cute.

she'll be ok...she looks like a tough lil thang

ByteChaser2 52M

12/28/2005 8:45 am

Ok... the jacket was me... But umm... I didn't do the collars. We'll see in a day or so how it goes.

She is a tough broad but I still worry. Thanks sj. XXX

digdug41 49M

12/28/2005 6:28 pm

hey byte she will be fine bro,its always the lil one that always wanna nip atcha cute lil guard dog

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

ByteChaser2 52M

12/29/2005 12:26 am

Thanks brother. She's really a funny one this. She'll shake and shiver like a leaf about a hamster but she'll take after a pit bull like she's Queen Overlord of the Universe! Not all that much of a guard dog though. She loves people way too much lol

Kinda like our slippy here

She took the surgery well and the vet expects a complete and uncomplicated recovery.

tillerbabe 55F

12/29/2005 1:55 am

Poor Boo-bOO..I hope she's OK! (thanks for your words!)

ByteChaser2 52M

12/29/2005 11:03 am

She went into surgery yesterday and the doc says she'll be just fine. A bit tender around ummm... the Southern States... but only for a little while.

And you are most welcome! XXX

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