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3/21/2006 8:33 am

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OK, so... I'm pouring my morning cup of coffee and kind of mulling over the emails I need to respond to. There was one from the director congratulating a couple of our folks on receiving a particular award, and well won. Few if any in the Company deserve it more than these two.

For no particular reason really... my dad's voice piped up in my head saying to me "Whatever you do son, never volunteer for anything. Thats the quickest way to get yourself killed."

He'd said that to me originally on the ride to the airport the day I left for Marine boot camp. He was a Corpsman in the Navy, most of his career spent with the Marines. He'd seen a lot of dead and maimed volunteers... I'm sure his intentions were purely selfish. No father should have to bury a son. I believe that, I have my own son now...

But I digress...

The point dad was making was that when the Marines ask for volunteers, chances are someone's going to die. They rarely ask for volunteers for the gravy jobs... It's always taking some hill or running some suicide mission or other that they call for volunteers...

I didn't take his advice to heart though. It's simply not in my nature to stand idle when I can contribute...

So... dads adamant words are flashing in my mind. Why? In this particular set of circumstances, why would that selfish statement be there? These two guys didn't volunteer for the task that garnered the award. It was an assigned project. They kicked ass on it but there was no volunteering necessary.

I think I know... It's my inner cave man trying to tell me something relatively important. See, I haven't been "volunteering" lately. In fact, I've been standing back and letting others ante up for the more distasteful tasks and projects. I take responsibility when tasked... but I'm not stepping up.

OK... so issue identified. What is they say about admitting you have a problem?

I expect I have some volunteering to do...

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3/21/2006 8:51 am

I have some ideas about what you can volunteer for....

what? I meant like digging a giant hole in my back yard or something

jussweetlilolme 43F

3/21/2006 11:11 am

There are some dangerous things you can volunterr for out this way too if you have a moment...something about dying with a smile on your face


ByteChaser2 52M

3/21/2006 11:36 am

sj - Oh yeah... I'd volunteer for THAT!

What? I'm getting pretty good at diggin holes in back yards

ByteChaser2 52M

3/21/2006 11:39 am

lol sweets - Lemme tell ya how I wanna die...

Shot in the back by a jealous husband while climbing out his wife's bedroom window, naked... - at the ripe old age of 75

FeistySyn 51F

3/21/2006 12:35 pm

I'm just so damn happy it's not another post about fish!

Oooops... sorry, I am sure those are not the kinds of comments you are looking for

Apparently the depth of depravity here is bottomless... don't you feel right at home?

ByteChaser2 52M

3/22/2006 6:45 am

    Quoting FeistySyn:
    I'm just so damn happy it's not another post about fish!

    Oooops... sorry, I am sure those are not the kinds of comments you are looking for
Tell ya what Feisty, from now on I'll preface the title with "Dolphin safe" when it's about fish.

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