The benifits of an unobserved stripclub table  

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7/3/2005 4:48 pm

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The benifits of an unobserved stripclub table

So... I'm down at the "Culture Club"... enjoying a form of selebrity status, slipping the ladies ones and fives like it's cool... This new dancer sidles up and introduces herself. (Let's call her A).

A's about 25. A Colorado "escapee". Not in the least shy - about anything *wink-wink* - and really has a firm grip on strip club etiquette and the customer/performer roles.

Ok, before I go on... The roles:

The dancer/stripper/performer is there to make the customer feel like a god. Boost his ego, engage in conversation (about things other than her own personal problems), shake a tail feather... It's supposed to be ALL about the customer!

The customer is there to PAY her for that attention! Big hint for those guys who "poach" at a strip club. If you go, take some ones with you and show your appreciation!

Ok, so on with the show...

So I'm sitting there, thoroughly enjoying this young woman's attention and sparkling conversation. I feel this hand on my knee. Now keep in mind, Utah's clubs are usually "hands off" below the belt so I figure she just hasn't read the employee hand book cover to cover...

I let her know she could get some trouble if the manager catches her... She just gives that shrug and says "I can touch whoever I want, whenever I want"... <<Shivers and tingles>> Who am I to argue with that right?

So, just to be sure she's not getting fired, I caught the manager (who I've had the extreme pleasure of partying with on more than a few occasions) and asked if I'd get A in trouble... She gave me a smile and a wink and let me know I was sitting in the "VIP" seat. This is when I found out there were no cameras on that table...

"You have fun and I'll warn you if vice shows up" she says. The City vice guys show up from time to time to make sure the pasties are firmly affixed and there's at least 1 inch of fabric covering the crotch...

So anyway... I'm sitting on my "throne" with Mr. Happy peeking out from his zipper and "A" is blithely chatting away about how much she likes her classes at the community college... stroking the trouser trout just right. Yeah... not to hard, not too soft... Just right.

Now... I'm not entirely stupid, even under the logic blinding cloak of a hand job... I'm figuring A is going to start sweating me for cash for the ummm... "special" attention I'm getting. Not even. (I found out later, that was one of her fantasies as was the other treat she gave me - I'll get to that).

The dancers usually get 4 to 8 songs on the floor between sets on stage. It wasn't too long before her turn was up again so Happy and I took a break while she performed.

I expected one of the other dancers would come over and sit a while, and one did stop by on her way to another table... just to say hi... and comment on the bulge... The new bouncer stopped over to offer a bit of "blocking" advice as well. He suggested I move to the other side of the table so we couldn't be seen by the casual observer... Nice guy.

So A's back, still sweaty from her set and plops down in the chair next to me. A little light conversation... a little mutual groping... and A slipped up under the table. Oh yeah... public sex is a good thing. I highly recommend it!

Now this woman knew just what she was doing and brought Mr. Happy to full boiling completion in just under 4 minutes - a record even for me! And A just sat down next to me, licking her lips and smiling at the idiot look I must have had on my face. I tell you, she left no mess what so ever and even had a hanky handy to dab up the errant drop or two.

I later learned that this had been planned a couple weeks in advance. 2 of the regular dancers and the manager if you can believe it. A went right along since she's had a fairly long standing fantasy anyway.

Oh yeah... It's good to be the King!

And you know what? We spent the better part of our free time together hanging out and really getting to know each other - at least in as much as any two people can in such a short amount of time...

expatbrit49 62M

7/3/2005 6:35 pm

Well that sounds good for a US club LOL

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

ByteChaser2 53M

7/3/2005 6:59 pm

lol... yeah, yeah... We're just not sexually open enough on this side of the pond yet I guess. That'll all change when I'm the King of the Universe!

Barbiebunny69 43F

7/3/2005 7:02 pm

Inndeeedddd Way to go Squirrel Boy!
VIP Treatment..musta been all the rubbing of the rabbits foot or the 1s and 5s daddy ... Glad u had a grrreat time!

ByteChaser2 53M

7/4/2005 9:41 am

LOL Bunz. That musta been it! I don't recall rubbing rabbit feet though *WINK*


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