The beginning of the end...  

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2/15/2006 7:29 am

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The beginning of the end...

And since it's the day after VD... not really wanting to bring anyone down on an event that's supposed to be a beautiful affirmation - REaffirmation - of lovers, I thought I'd share what I expect was the beginning of the end for the Battle-Axe and I.

Five or six years back, when we were poor as church mice and barely squeaking past each payday... There wasn't much money, after the Christmas and birthdays to come up with something special for Valentines day. So, I put my imagination to the test and came up with a "memory jar".

The concept was laughably simple. Make a trip to the local craft store and get a wide mouth jar. One of those brick-a-brack things with the cork lid... Decorate it with ribbon or straw or whatever. Then, on small 3X5 cards, on each write a memory of the two of you.

The effect, as I'm told by some people who've used this, is to tickle the "girly" response in your lady, in the form of smiling, tearful hugs and kisses for something so thoughtful... and still have some cash for a dinner out at the local buffet...

Herein lies my own realization... There just weren't any significant number of them. Memories I mean. There were a few sure. Two people cant be together for long without producing at least a half dozen or so... Which is about all I could come up with over the fifteen or so years we'd been married. And most of those revolving around our children, not she and I...

The kids are about the only part of our existence that we two have in common and even then it's different.

So, with the few dollars I had left after this fiasco, I'd run down to the corner, bought a Whitman's sampler and a plastic rose, and called it a day.

The rest is a slip-n-slide ride into that muddy mass of soaked and trampled grass at the end.

caressmewell 53F

2/15/2006 1:16 pm

Reading this made me think about my own marriage. While I have not been married as long as you, I was hard pressed to come up with even a half a dozen memories.

ByteChaser2 53M

2/16/2006 7:29 am

Hi caressmewell - Wouldn't it be great if fore-sight worked as well as hind-sight? Be a lot fewer mistakes and a lot more content people in the world I expect...


2/17/2006 2:34 pm

I think the Jar idea is one of the most romantice gifts I've have heard of. Although i got some lovely...pricey gifts for VDAY, had my gentleman friend done something like that, he would have been able to get me closer to crossing that fear of committment from my failed marriage(s)

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

ByteChaser2 53M

2/17/2006 3:13 pm

Ya know Mo... sj365 managed to disengage my own fears on that particular comittment issue. See, fear of comittment isn't really the problem. I think - at least in my own set of circumstances - it's the fear of failure and pain that makes a person not get back in the game.

My advice? Jump back in... with both feet. You can't win if you don't play right? And remember it only hurts for a little while... then ya pass out!

You come back any time you like Mo!

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