That makes 100!  

ByteChaser2 53M
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8/30/2005 2:05 pm

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6/4/2006 4:24 pm

That makes 100!

100 posts! Seems like just a few short months ago I started blogging. Wait, it WAS just a few months! Anyway, to celebrate, I figured I'd try something a little different. Kind of like the Encyclopedia "Year Book". So lets recap the last hundred shall we?

Started out a pretty effed up puppy... Had recently lost my "One" and even today, I still wish I could find a way to apologize to her.

Had a curious thought about the clitoris...

Still pining away for "her"... Sickening isn't it?

Made a couple interesting trips to Washington D.C. - a few more to the land of the bee hive (Utah) and one to Oregon.

Blathered on about the Battle-Axe. Did a little mental house cleaning.

Still trying to purge "Her" from my soul... It's really getting old huh?

Gramma passed into the light of the Universe. What a woman she was... Luv you Gramma!

Actually met with a blogger, my Wing Bunny and favorite Crusader! Did a tandem blog on our first meet. Still looking for a trip to Sin City!

More about the Battle-Axe...

Oh, and did a piece on friends and the lengths to which I'd go for them. Got more friends since that post and the list keeps growing!

And for those who missed it... the number one reason why karaoke is better than sex:

No one complains about a 3-minute Karaoke performance.

Met another friend (not even a blogger, can you dig it?), who has since found her potential "One" and has dropped off AdultFriendFinder. Luck "M"! I hope this works out better than the last guy

More endless blathering about "Her"... When will she finally become a memory and not forefront in my mind?

Caught a profile that seemed to throw a switch in my head... Sometimes, in that once in a lifetime moment, you look at a woman and you just KNOW she's got it. That she's the "One".

Oh, almost forgot... Pussy always wins over beer!

Passed that certification exam. Got promoted to manager - oh, and DID get a 3% raise!

Holy shit! I figured it out!! I know what I did to "Her" - and more importantly, WHY! She's finally started to leave my daily thoughts, relegated to a pleasant memory! Healing nicely thanks

New pictures posted... Still wondering if a butt-wax may not be in order Ya gotta be in the network to see em though. You might try asking for the invite..

And the good news (for me anyway) - I'm NOT AVERAGE! lol <-- see above (hint, hint)

We built a perfect blogger... I got hit on by an illiterate gay guy... ughhh

Had my beautiful back yard marred by taggers.

And hey, number 99 - BLOG-SEX!

Any takers? Beuller, Beuller... Anyone... Beuller

All in all, not a bad 100 posts. Cheers to the next 100, and an extra special salute to all my new friends in Blogville!

oh, and ps... "The shit is bananas; Bee ay en ay en ay ess! Oooooooo thats my shit, thats my shit"

CuriousKitty675 41F
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8/31/2005 6:35 am

Awwww man! I have sooooooooo much reading to catch up on.

ByteChaser2 53M

8/31/2005 7:23 am

Mornin' Huny! Thanks bunches Party this Saturday, at Bob's motel, clothing optional

helga_hansen 49F  
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8/31/2005 8:27 am

Congratulations, Byte! Only just recently happened on your blog - comments are always good for piqueing interest!!

When I have a quiet moment I shall read from top to bottom... but in the meantime, the above version works just fine!!

Nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon.


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

ByteChaser2 53M

8/31/2005 10:04 am

Good morning Helga! Thanks for stopping by, your welcome back ANY time you wish hun

Oh, and love the pics! (That lacey, sheer blue one is my fav )

And meeting you is MY pleasure entirely! XX

ByteChaser2 53M

8/31/2005 10:24 am

Hi kitty! Take your time sweetie. I've got some sodas and juice in the fridge if you like. Help yourself! XXX

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/31/2005 11:56 am

Congrats on your 100th...mine is soon coming up....MUAH...kisses..


Always The Bitch

ByteChaser2 53M

8/31/2005 2:26 pm

mmmm Mines coming up too Man is it hot in here or is it you??

HUGZ back atcha Mandy XXX

CuriousKitty675 41F
365 posts
9/1/2005 5:40 am

Sodas and juice hmm. Alright then....<pauses> if you move out to KY then um....that means that Mandy, Huny and I get to share you right?

ByteChaser2 53M

9/1/2005 7:42 am

Ahhhh Kitty... YES! Just be gentle... or not lol

Lapkin4u 42F

9/1/2005 7:47 am

Congratulations! You Rock! Hey looks like beginning of march I will be staying next door to you for about 9 days, hmmmmmm......I feel a lunch cummin on! KIsses! Luv u babe!

ByteChaser2 53M

9/1/2005 8:15 am

Just make sure you get me the dates as soon as your sure so I can adjust the pachag... ummm schedule

helga_hansen 49F  
1987 posts
9/2/2005 10:22 am

Byte... your auto-reply said to leave a message here... so consider it done!


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

ByteChaser2 53M

9/2/2005 1:55 pm

Bright, sexy AND follows directions! What a catch you are Helga!

I just read it moments ago and you have one waiting for you too. Thanks! XXX

newtothis702207 56F

6/4/2006 2:56 pm

Okay ~~ I'm still catching up. But, 100 down. And they were all interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking or funny! Thanks!


ByteChaser2 53M

6/4/2006 4:24 pm

And your just barerly scratchin the surface too!

Luck to ya

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