Strip Club Allure  

ByteChaser2 53M
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5/20/2005 5:06 pm

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Strip Club Allure

Just a quick question... Well 2 questions.

Do any of you frequent strip clubs, go-go dance clubs, etc?

Yeah, I do. As often as the VISA card will allow. In pretty much every city I travel to. In fact, I can walk into a gentlemans club (saloon worth a million dollars - google it - hint hint) in Salt Lake City and to an employee (managers, dancers, bouncers, DJs and waitresses), I get "DADDY'S HOME!!!" screamed over the sound system. Ego boost

And if you do, why?

I have a theory, based on long hours of observation and I'm finding that there are basically 3 reasons why a person (men and women alike) patronize these establishments. I'll expound once I've compiled the answers...

As a qualifier, please don't respond with the obvious: "Dude, cuz there's naked chicks!!!" Figured that one out all by myself... Looking for an honest answer here. Kay? Alrighty then!

Sinderlicious 51F
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5/21/2005 3:19 am

I don't know if I 'frequent' them lol but I do GO probly once a month or so. Yes, they are female strip clubs ~ that bisexual thang yanno *grinz* but I do NOT go alone. I love going with one of my male playmates or with my group of girls - there are distinctive differences between the two situations obviously.
Going with a guy is erotic..we both know where it's leading and it's a one long night of intense foreplay with a live naked 'toy' (and I don't mean that to dehumanize hem..God they are human *fanning myself* simply using the term for the situation being explained) him watching ME get a lap watching HIM get a lap the time we leave we're both frantic to get at each other. THat parking lot has fed the exhibitionist in me mannny times.

With the's wild, energetic fun...we are all bisexual and flirt with each other to torment the guys lol but do not play together..but in that situation we're free to let loose with encouragement and not judgement. We all get lap dances..we lap dance each other..we leave feeling sexually charged and empowered with vows to learn how to climb those poles and to get our asses to look like THEIR asses...then we all go home making booty calls on the way LOL

Hope that helps

Sin like you mean it!

ByteChaser2 53M

5/24/2005 12:40 pm

Hmmm ok, so Cinderlicious and I support a multi-billion dollar a year business and no one else goes to strip clubs. Ummm ok... So Sinder... Here's my theory:

Reason #1 - "Bag" a stripper. Lets face it, the vast majority of us to one degree or another want to get a great looking, uninhibited, sensual woman in the bed... Living room... Garage... Parking lot... {{{shiver}}}

I know I did - and I suppose I wouldn't kick a dancer out of bed... Unless there was more room on the floor... I'm just being realistic here... If it happens, great. I'm just not looking for it.

#2 - Personal stimulation. Sinder, you got this one all right. I read that you - and most of us, like the sexual tension and stimulation associated with watching beautiful sex kittens writhe around on a stage, pole, lap... etc etc. And back in your room? or on the drive back home... Parking lot... mmmmmm The makings for what is it Sin? A little exhibitionism? LOL Or something like

And #3 - Because it's easy to meet and speak with a woman in a strip club. Her job is to make a guy (or lady) feel good. Our job is to pay her to do that. Gotta know the role right?

Sinderlicious 51F
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5/28/2005 3:27 am

Ok...I'll byte *thumping my head* oh god that was baaaaaaaaad!! LMAO

Deflect!!! Evade!! Diggggg!!!

Reason #1 - my ex and I ran online porn sites for years...I've had dinner with Jenna and partied with Aria...they're just people and somewhere someone thinks they're annoying as hell. *wicked grin* I can get great looking without heading for a strip club and so can you! just takes more time and work!

Reason #2...the only good one I can really think of actually LOL I love the erotic..the sensual..the edgy raw sexuality that makes my body pulse. Wether it's reading an erotic story to my partner quietly over coffee at Borders and hoping no one notices the rising table or watching him watching me slither under the grinding of an almost naked stripper who believes that $50 for ME is equal to an hour of teasing just cuz she's into me...watching his face when I mouth that I need to cum...that I need him to fuck me now.....following his eyes to my hands where my knuckles have gone white from gripping my thighs to keep from raking my nails down this girls back...the art of seduction and foreplay for me starts when an idea is planted and it takes a winding path before we push each other off the edge...strippers, movies, erotic stories, video taping, teasing him til he forgets to breathe...just stimulate me and, pleaser that I am, I'll stimulate back in spades. Exhibitionism is just one of the many things that make sex fun *wicked grin*

Reason #3 - ahhh...the mind fuck for me. True what you say...but for me? I've not 'won' or 'perfected the role' unless she is shoving her number down my gstring or writing it on my chest as i'm leaving with pleas to call her after she gets off did that song go??? *humming* I wannnnnnnt you to want meeeeee *grinning*

Sin like you mean it!

ByteChaser2 53M

1/30/2006 10:08 am

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