Remember - revisited...  

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Remember - revisited...

Zen, remember... hmmmm

Ok... So the concept - as quoted in Remember - says that when one is faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, one need only remember what that problems solution is as the solution is already carried in the mind.

Now, if I understand this correctly... What this Buddhist was saying wasn't literal. He's saying "look bonehead... you know what to do and since you know, just remember what to do and quit beating yourself up over it". Sound about right?

Ok, I get it... Now lets take a look at this whole Zen thing... Now, I've read (and practiced) achieving a Zen state... And not to brag or anything but I get so close to what I've been taught is the real Zen state that it's almost scary... Here's how it's been explained to me:

The Zen practice revolves around meditation - sitting quietly while intensely focussing on achieving the Zen state. This state being a completely focussed and calm sense of well being where the mind has no distractions nor does it wander about aimlessly. It's clear and focussed. Think of a deep lake. So deep that even a high wind only ruffles the surface. So calm that one can see the whole of the universe in it's reflection...

I can come close... for relatively short periods by simply blogging... Spinning out some story or another. Completely focussed on the task and unswayed by anything else. One of you has even seen it. I had my cam on while posting some story or another. Now, she'll tell you it looked like I was battling the devil himself but that's not accurate.

See, I get to writing and it's like everything just goes black around the edges. A form of tunnel vision I suppose. There's only one thing in my head and that's the telling. Nothing else... like right now, itoonz is playing something, the dog and cat are chasing each other on the carpet... I can see the shadow of clouds passing by the window but it's like none of it's there.

Focussed on the task. I can see where this would be mutually supportive with the "remember" concept.

Such and such is a problem. It needs immediate attention... I know the solution to this problem. Concentrate on the solution - not the problem. Disregard every other distraction and when this Zen state occurs, the answer will reveal itself from within you.

Shoot... I can do that! It's shit loads easier than trying to remember where I put my car keys!

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