Random crap - Mental house cleaning  

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5/20/2005 2:41 pm

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Random crap - Mental house cleaning

Been doing some "light" reading. The Gnostic texts (Nag Hamadi scrolls), The Templar Revelation by Picknet and Prince, and Susan Haskins' Mary Magdalen, Myth and Metaphor. Book reports to follow - maybe

Packing for that trip out to Washington D.C. next week too. Now that'll be fun. Just me this time around. Nothing to keep me from barking at the Lincoln Memorial at 3AM. Lets see if I can get myself tossed into a DC jail cell.

Just called an old girlfriend living out that way. She's in town and looks like I'll get some company while I'm there. We have a lot to talk about, her and I. Just wish she'd do something with that Masters degree... There's got to be a market for Theoretical Mathmatics right?

She's a little hottie. Cute smile, easy going, all around fun to hang out with, sparkling wit and charm... Nice butt too. I'll make sure I post some details when I get back.

Any ideas where in the Metro D.C./Northern Virginia/Southern Maryland area a couple could get a nice candle light dinner? Got take her someplace nice for a change. Hell I've only ever taken her to Denny's - poor girl. Not much of a date huh?

Time to get supper started. Pot roast and potato's... MMMMMmmmmMMMmm

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