Part 3 of the Bunny and Squirrel adventures  

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6/12/2005 5:11 pm

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Part 3 of the Bunny and Squirrel adventures

So... A tip to the vallet. An adjustment of the ever expanding "package" and we're off to the hotel. I need to get online and see where the "Culture Club" is located. For the Squirrel Boy KNOWS the Bunny likes to flirt with the ladies just as much as the men! Am I developing my Spidey Senses or what!?!

Such a shame there's that console between us driving back to the hotel. She's got that skirt riding up and up... I just want to dive right in!!! But alas... I must restrict myself to the occular varriety of lusting - and besides this is L.A. traffic. Who wants to spend the night in the emergency room???

Oh wait... Bunz... in a sexy latex nurses uniform. UUUuuunnnnhhhhhhh {{{{{{{SHIVER}}}}}}} No No NO!!! No accidents!

A 10 minute drive, alternately dodging traffic and oggling that wonderous cleavage and we finally arrive back at the Hilton. Packages carried to our room for a little "Private" fashion show. I can barely wait to see her laced up in that sexy black corsett and g-string. And with the glow of the afternoons play still re-playing in my mind I sit, waiting for round 2!

So now I'm seriously pitching a tent in my trousers, testing the breaking point of that zipper, calculating the estimated time it'll take to get shed of my clothing - and eventually, hers - to replay the afternoons events!

Anticipation, my friends, is most definitely the spice of life.

I manage to find a Deja Vu in North Beverly Hills and with that vital data tucked in my pocket, snuggled next to my bulge... We retire to the Hotel bar to talk and pre-medicate before we taxi to the club. Who wants to pay the extortion prices of strip club drinks right?

We're seated in style by our waitress, out on the balcony where the earsplitting volume of the playing Jazz band doesn't quite cause the eardrums to explode. So loud that I had to constantly lean over towards the Bunny to be heard.

and steal a caress of her inner thigh...

and gaze down her blouse...


We talked. We joked. We flirted like a pair of highschool teenagers on prom night! We watched the group of young ladies in the lounge as they danced and commented on the passers-by who stole quick glances at my Bunny. It's a real thrill to be "that guy" sitting with "that beautiful woman". Hey Bunz, you want to tell everyone about that 15 year old? Yeah... you tell it so much better!

The conversation flowed like water from a mountain stream. One subject after another. Likes and dislikes, passions and heartaches. Excatly what she'd do to this poor Squirrel if given the double dare! I felt so comfortable that I'd bare my soul and I suppose I did...

After a couple of cocktails (hehe he said cock), we check the time. It's getting late so we decide to forgoe the culture club until our next meeting - oh yeah... Sin City baby. Vegas! So we stay for more flirtation and lubrication right there at the bar.

Closing time. Last call... The manager was sweet enough to offer us just one more to carry to the room... Tab is paid, drinks in hand, only a short walk to the elevator - groping and tonsil massage to the 15th floor. MMMMmmmmmm I'm in for it now! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!

And with that, dear friends, I leave you in the most capable hands (oh yeah... VERY capable!) of the Blond Crusader Barbiebunny69. Strap in tight!

EroticallyRapt 55M
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6/13/2005 1:44 am

Ok. You two got me bouncing back and forth. I'm hooked. This collaboration is working well...on all fronts it seems!


Barbiebunny69 43F

6/13/2005 6:37 am

My part 4 got denied! Grrrrrr workin on it

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