Memories of "Her"  

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7/3/2005 1:35 pm

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Memories of "Her"

Ughhh banned words suck so bad... I wish I could at least have an indication of what they were!

So if you don't already know who "She" is... Go all the way back to the beginning of my blog. Steel yourself cause I was really effed up (ok, so I'm still effed up - but in a good way ). The rest will know what was going through my twisted psyche for the last week.

I pulled in to Salt Lake City around 8:30 PM or so and decided I'd go see some of my friends before checking in to the hotel. Maybe that was a mistake, maybe not. The jury's still out on that one.

I walk in the place and (name change here...) "Girlie" is up on stage doing the second of three. She see's me, decides that one guy nursing the $1.50 stein of house beer (and not tipping shit) wasn't worthy of her considerable charms any more... and literally jumped the rail to give me a big old hug.

We talk on the phone from time to time but since the breakup with "Her" I've been pretty remiss in keeping up the contacts... With the inevitable "Why don't you ever call anymore" beratements, she asked how "She" and I were doing. The two of them were pretty good friends and even they had fallen out of communications.

Now, I've gone to great lengths to try and forget "Her". Marginally successful at it. I should have expected the questions - no one out that way even knows... I nearly came to tears when the flood of memories hit me all at once.

Since it was her last set of the night, we decided to sit out in the parking lot and "get it all out". (oh, get your minds out of the gutter! I'm not talking about getting all THAT out!) We talked for an hour, recalled some more pleasant memories, hugged for ages and finally parted company. "Girlie" can be so compassionate. I sometimes wonder why it is I've never made the effort of starting a more personal relationship with her.

Anyway, that's one friend down, about a dozen more to go. Off to the hotel I go, check in, shower and I'm off to the "Culture Club".

I swear... I walked in the door to the yells and hoots of all the "old timers" - the ones who stuck out the hard times at the club - and the quizzical looks from the new staff. The bouncer asked my name and wondered why I got such a warm welcome... I told him my name - "Oh shit! Your *****! I've heard ALL about you!"

Yeah, VIP seating (the one table that doesn't have a camera pointed at it) and drinks on the house. Oh yeah, it good to be the king!

Anyway, after the inevitable (and now expected) questions about "Her", all my buds go back off to thier respective regulars and customers. There was this one young lady though. Cute, young, bright and VERY attentive. A new dancer who'd heard the "legends". We'll call her "A". <- More interesting anecdotes about her later!

The thing that intrigues me most about "A" is the fact that she's a recovering heroin addict, a recent college student and with a strength of character you don't often see. We spent pretty much all week (when neither of us were working) together getting to know each other - between visits with my other friends that is. Special young lady there. There might just be a bit more to the two of us but then time will have to tell.

So... the memory roller coaster ride... As the week progressed, I managed to rise above the maudlin (and quite selfish) wishing that "She" and I were still together, to a point where I could actually talk about her without having to excuse myself to the men's room or the parking lot. It was a very cleansing week all in all. And I think I can actually go back to Atlanta without dropping into a depression, and actually enjoy myself!

~~Still waiting patiently for the new "Her"~~

ByteChaser2 53M

7/3/2005 6:58 pm

Lady - I kinda like that hands in the air analogy {{hehe he said anal}} I might just start using it - we'll negotiate royalties at a later date


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