Lions and tigers and bears - OH MY!  

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9/29/2005 8:10 am

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Lions and tigers and bears - OH MY!

So... As my regular visitors may have surmised, I grew up (the formative teen years at any rate) on a farm of sorts. If you were to open a map of the state of Maine, follwing the coast line to *almost* the halfway point, you'd find a dot indicating the "town" of Belfast (if one could call a wide spot in Rt. 1 a town). From there, due north about 10 or so miles to Swanville, and Swan Lake. We lived on the eastern shore.

55 acres altogether. Mostly maple and poplar woods with splatters of blueberry fields and a stand or two of new growth pine and spruce.

And on this farm, we had some... To the tune of Old MacDonald

So, anyway. Much of our time (brother, sister and was spent working an acre or so of garden. Tilling, weeding, cultivating... Usually a couple hours every other day or so, more during planting and harvest... and chasing the various and sundry animals out. - the Candian Geese we were re-habing at the time especially liked the spinach...

Sugar (remember her? my fat little masked pal?) true to her need to be with me at all times, would lend a paw on these days. She absolutely LOVED slugs and would fight to the death for the chance to gorge herself on the slimey things. The sight of her, mouth gummed, fur glued and matted, chewing on slugs, has got to be the single most disgusting sight... Bar None.

There was this one day we were all out in the garden, pulling weeds or some other mundane chore or other. Sugar got into her hunched back, really pissed off posture. Something had either threatened her slug supply or she was very unhappy at that particular moment.

As huge and jiggly as she was, the'd shot off at about warp 9 towards the woods, screeching and huffing. Then we smelled it... There's little in the world like the distinctly musky scent of a male black bear and sure enough, a burley bruin wandered into the garden from the wooded side.

Ok, tangent time here... There's something that boggles my feeble mind. That anyone would actually use a bow and arrow to hunt a bear. I mean, I had shot one hunting one year, 6 times with a large bore rifle, and watched it run full out for over a half mile... Without a heart (I'd managed to vaporize it with a lucky round... It was pissed, I was petrified (and as high up in a tree as I could get my skinny little ass). And hunters will actually hunt them with bows! Not me brother... Give me a tank if you please!

I say this only to help illuminate the very real danger we were in just then. One just doesn't expect to do much damage with a handful of rocks when faced with a bear... And nothing more substancial than a cornstalk or two between a beautiful saturday afternoon and a very violent death (a quick death if luck is on ones side).

And here's Sugar, right up in this brutes business end, all bushy tailed, hunch backed, slimey spit and teeth. No amount of calling and screaming for her to come back would break her off the attack either. She was one vicious little cuss with a singular focus.

So, faced with a serious decision here, the three of us humans started backing off the garden towards the house, throwing rocks into the bushes to try and distract the bear long enough for Sugar to make her own retreat.

We 3 reached the edge of the garden and bolted for the house. Sister for the relative safety therein, Brother and I for our weaponry. Not 2 minutes later, we were back in the garden, armed to the nines and neither the bear nor Sugar anywhere to be seen or heard.

Relax... She came home an hour or so later, with not a single slug-slimed whisker out of place and as ornery as ever she was.

She and I spent the rest of the day in the treehouse eating marshmallows and cuddling.

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9/29/2005 10:34 am

Lol... got to love those smileys! Does that mean you were always sleeping on the job?


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

ByteChaser2 52M

9/29/2005 12:04 pm

Lord help me Helga... don't get me started on the current set of features - I mean bugs... I cant even edit the thing to get them all out... I mean it's bad enough we can "escape" these charactor strings so they don't actually show a smiley... Now I cant even get rid of em when they do!

ARRGGG <-- this is where that vanity plate came from lol

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