LOL And to make the end of the day that much better...  

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6/1/2005 5:44 pm

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LOL And to make the end of the day that much better...

I swear. I'm changing my name to Shlep-rock... (Flintstones fans; e.g., the aged amongst us - will get the reference). Stepped out in the front yard to play with my Chihuahua and what should I find but a "Notice Of Violation" from the City Code Enforcement Officer. It appears I have a no-life, nothing better to do with my time than walk around the neighborhood looking for crap I don't like, useless, worthless, 2X4 stuck up my ass neighbor who doesn't like where I placed my storage shed.

Not the our City Enforcement Officer has much of a clue either. The notice states, and I quote: "Please {Yeah... Please - like I'll be moved to actually do what he asks just cause he said please...} move storage sheds in the rear and side yard to maintain a 3 foot setback from property line." under threat of a $100 fine {EACH} if the sheds are not moved within the allotted 30 days...

Ok... My property line starts at the face of the curb. There's a 10 foot city easment from the curb towards the house... and another 6 feet from the easment to my sheds!!! WTF??? And it's not like you can actually see them from the street either. There's a fence, shrubs and jasmine vines screening them from direct view for Pete's sake!

Man, I wish I had nothing better to do with my time... I know what it is... The biddy didn't want to look at a shed while her MONGREL MUTT took a monsterous dump on my lawn. AGAIN. GGGGRRRRRR

Ok... breath... relax. Just remember, it takes 61 muscles to frown and only 8 to pull the trigger on a good sniper rifle... Happiness is a full magazine and 10 pounds of C4...

ok... that was a little over the top... God I need a blow job!

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