I lost it...  

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9/14/2005 8:18 am

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I lost it...

Ok, so it was like 25 years ago... It was on a back woods gravel road in a quaint little sea-side town in Eastern Maine. I'd chased this strikingly beautiful young woman for months. I mean I was just like that cocker spaniel, abandoning any semblance of safety to chase that ball into the water!

This young lady, a month younger than me, had the most luxurious and long dark brown hair that she'd wear in a pony tail most days. Slim but with the kinds of curves to make a porno starlet drool. Wonderfully complected with a decidedly Mediterranean olive skin tone, perpetually tanned no matter what time of year.

She and I had known each other since Jr. High... Passing acquaintances rather than friends for the most part. We'd talk in passing on our way to classes or exchange friendly waves if we passed on the street.

Then, My Junior year, we were both cast in leading roles in our school play. "Arsenic and Old Lace" it was. Since we had so many lines together, we'd spent hours rehearsing on our own, going over our lines, discussing inflections and posture... cues and playing around with improvisations.

In time, we'd begun to get quite comfortable with the casual friendship we were building. So comfortable that we could speak to each other about a wide range of topics - and yes, eventually about sex. We were each seeing others at the time and our morals at the time forbade us doing anything more than talk...

I'd once made some off hand comment about how I'd so much like to "take her to bed", to which her reply was "I'm not ready"... That was an allusion to her desire to remain faithful to her boyfriend, not necessarily the need to remain a virgin.

It was a long standing (inside) joke. We'd pass in the hall and I'd ask; "Are you ready yet?"... And for the longest time she'd smile (oh god I could loose myself forever in that smile) and say: "No, not yet...".

And then it happened. I'd just got my drivers license and had been permitted use of dads car for the afternoon. A friend and I were downtown, at the Micky-D's and I saw her in her subaru...

I leaned out my window and shouted across the parking lot, asking, as I had for months. "Ready yet?". That same smile, kind of shyly glancing down at her lap and the words I'd longed for finally came...


My pal knew exactly what was happening. Not one word out of his mouth... He just got out of the car, waved and walked off to have his lunch.

I followed her, she in her car, I racing close behind, down this gravel road. Dads car was a rear wheel drive thing that simply couldn't handle speeds in that loose gravel.

When I came to, dads ride was sitting on top of a rock wall, my hair covered in broken windshield, and her in tears at the driver side door.

Long story short? Ok, so when I finally got home, dad snatched me up by my stacks and swivels, and took my new drivers license...

What... You thought I was talking about my virginity!!!??? lol... No. But that accident cost me any chance at all with her.

ByteChaser2 53M

9/15/2005 7:23 am

lol genie - One day I'll actually tell THAT story... but not just yet

ByteChaser2 53M

9/19/2005 9:30 am

Where's Genies reply!!?? Was she a baaaaad girl? Should she be spanked???

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