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6/7/2005 8:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Ok, I'm jumping on the deception bandwagon... move over cause I need room for my soap-box.

I was just checking out the "New Cupid Matches" profiles and came across this one profile. Not going to drag the lady out into the light but I'll use her for a target just the same... Her handle comes right out and boldly states that she wants to fuck. Ok, you've peaked my interest...

Her profile includes a picture. Nice rack. About all I can see though. ok, strike 1. Can a visually fixated male see something other than the boobs please? Thanks

An excerpt of her profile: "Friends and coworkers say I'm pretty and I have my share of guys hitting on me, so I must not be too bad to look at--of course, it could be my big boobs that turns their heads." Ok, I think I'm starting to get the picture... she's fixated on her own boobs. (and they don't look all THAT big either) What about the rest of you??? Your're hiding something... Strike 2.

What's she looking for? No relationship (uh-huh... my skinny, hairy ass). Someone she "connects" with... Coming into focus. Sparks flying... damn... sparks. She's new to this so he'll have to "Take the lead".

Read: "Just got got dumped by an asshole, not ready to commit to a relationship again just yet - unless you really turn me on. Come on there's got to be a man out there with a backbone."

Evasive... Strike 3.

On the "More responses" portion of her profile. Hmmm sparse but at least she's taken a little time to provide some insight. And again, that breast fixation. Ok, so guys like a nice rack but damn...

Strike FOUR!!! What is this the T-ball league?

So here's my rant. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??? You've got to be more than a nice boob-job! You know what I want to know?

Are your eyes a little too close together?
Does one nipple ride a little higher than the other?
Do you get up in the morning after a night of screwing, run to the bathroom to go put on makeup or do you stay and bask a while in bed?
Is there a stray hair or two on your legs where the razor missed?
What do you THINK about?
Can you laugh and sing and jump on the bed like a little girl?
Can you pay your own bills and ballance a checkbook.

THIS is what I want to know. You know why? Because if a person is willing to put themselves on display to the world, flaws included, it tells me she's comfortable living in her own skin and doesn't give half a damn about that pimple on her thigh. It tells me she's willing to accept flaws in others. It says she's happy to be spontaneous(sp) and carefree. It says she's a human being just like everyone else and not some drama queen scared of her own image. It says she can carry on an intelligent conversation for longer than it takes to flash her tits - and actually have something to say besides "I think I'm gonna get botox in my chin..." or "Do these jeans make me look fat?"...

Now this isn't all about her... She's just a convenient target.

bytechaser2 <--falling off the bandwagon. Someone toss the soapbox down to me please?

Thanks! Me

wyvernrose 38F
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6/7/2005 9:12 am

lol I know what you mean byte but im still sitting here pmsl lol


Lapkin4u 42F

6/7/2005 9:55 am

I hear ya my friend....as for me.....no botox in the face....tummy tuck maybe if I could afford it....LOL....and I look fat in all my jeans but thats ok...cuz its me and I'm a 100% real all american woman, for those that feel I am too much woman...keep steppin boys you could never handle a girl like me. I prefer to be real and enjoy life through every means possible...with that being said I also prefer to surround myself with other real people flaws included. People that are disillusioned by what the perfect person is will never be REAL...they are too concerned with outward appearences to find the true beauty in life.....its a sad thing really. Much love to you my friend and keep looking for your perfectly flawed mate. XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO. Oh and just for the record I dont jump on the bed and sing but I do sing everywhere else as loud as I can. I really hope I'm never caught on motormouth...that would be a funny thing to watch....I would probably laugh harder than anyone else. How did you know about the pimple on my thigh? LOL

ByteChaser2 53M

6/7/2005 10:02 am

Awww... Wrong side of the world Not even in the same hemisphere!!! Ahh well, just my luck XXX

ByteChaser2 53M

6/7/2005 11:26 am

Lapkins, I know about the pimple cause there's a camera mounted in every discrete spot in your pad baby! Did I tell you I was a voyeur too??? Oh and I've seen you jump on the bed too. Come on, admit it...

And you SING! Like it's cool. Sing to the floor, to the sky, to the mountains and rivers and yourself, like it's the best thing since creamy peanut butter. Cause it IS! And don't forget to laugh at yourself when your done. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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