Hunnert and one...  

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6/17/2005 7:48 pm

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Hunnert and one...

Ok, so I'm still turning this thing over in my head... but I'm really feeling GOOOOOD. Not sayin why... sorry, that one's mine but I promise you it's worth doing triple summersaults out on the front lawn. And I don't even care if the neighbors think I'm a Ward-B escapee... Shoot... I've been contemplating a somewhat more humid locale, East of Eden, anyway. Being driven out of the castle by the pitch-fork waving peasants might just prompt me to load up the old griswold family truckster and hit the road!

Damn... 3 movie references in a single paragraph! Am I good or WHAT???

So that's one obstacle hurdled. Not bad for a days work! The most recent pages in my journal actually made a little sense too if you can believe it.

Maybe I should give a little background here... I know this is a pretty cryptic post. I've very recently noticed a personality trait perculating in me. Not a bad one but certainly at odds with who I thought or understood I was. The introspective will probably appreciate the conflict here...

Anyway. This manifestation - Gawd do I sound like I'm possessed or what??? Like I'm gonna start puking pea soup any minute (Another movie reference! What am I anyway, a movie critic??) - happened relatively quickly. Literally within about a weeks time. It's kind of like finding out you were adopted as an infant and only just, in later years finding your birth family by chance or fate.

Some, maybe most, of you can just roll with these life oddities... and I do envy you that. I have some difficulty with it myself.

So if I'm a little late showing up at the Blogville block party tomorrow, it's because I'm either trapped in an infinite spiral of thought or chatting with her (yeah, yeah... Life changes always seem to orbit a "her" don't they guys?)... Save me a seat at the picnic table!

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