Holy shit! I'm not AVERAGE!  

ByteChaser2 52M
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8/12/2005 12:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Holy shit! I'm not AVERAGE!

I was just reading mzhunyhole's latest post [post 67451] and, having done a little research... It appears I'm just a bit longer than the average Joe!

Gonna have to take Mr. Happy out for a celebratory "spin"

Here's to being above average, even if it is just by half an inch

rm_Never911 59M
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8/12/2005 12:49 pm

Congrats...you qualify for a free ad at Just A Gigolo. Post it now and get ready for some fun!

ByteChaser2 52M

8/12/2005 1:01 pm

Be over in a bit boss! I kinda have my hands full just this second...

007sexy40plus 51F  
7603 posts
8/12/2005 1:03 pm

BC2, It looks good to me. LOL yes I said it

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

ByteChaser2 52M

8/12/2005 1:19 pm

Oh you little vixen you! I accept all gracious compliments from sexy TENs most appreciatively!

oooooo say it again!



8/12/2005 3:34 pm

Half an inch can be a mountain , that is depending what is done with said half an inch added in to the equation

ByteChaser2 52M

8/12/2005 4:44 pm

BLONDENEEDSSEX - I promise, I'll only insert that first half inch... The rest is up to you

bella_ 47F
4030 posts
8/12/2005 5:13 pm


_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

8/13/2005 12:16 am

*gets out her A FF ruler*

Out with it....!!!

{=} CnC

papyrina 51F
21133 posts
8/13/2005 9:07 am

mmmmmm,better than average is good,but do you lnow what to do with it')

I'm a

i'm here to stay

patsam69 51M/51F

8/13/2005 9:51 am

You guys and your cock size....geez! But congrats! I am glad it made your day! P.S......really BIG ones hurt! and not hurt so. good...just hurt!

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
11240 posts
8/14/2005 2:47 am

congratulations, and very happy celebrations...

and I agree with papy, it's not just size, it's what one does wiv it ....

ByteChaser2 52M

8/14/2005 1:59 pm

Thank you bella_!

CnC, Ummm... OK. Need to find a ruler

ByteChaser2 52M

8/14/2005 2:13 pm

Papy... at the risk of sounding like a conceited ass-hole I think I got a good idea what to do wif it - But I'll never be too old to learn something new!

patsam69 - Yeah, we'z all Tim, the Tool Man clones {{ARRRRR-ARR-Arr}}

ByteChaser2 52M

8/14/2005 2:15 pm

GOTD - and having done my civic duty for Article 69, Blogville Municipal Code, I'm getting the hang of it

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