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5/19/2005 9:50 am

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As I should put something out here... and I can't seem to purge her from my broken, twisted heart, Lets see if I can scrape away at it here.

Lets call her Morgan. She's a singer of uncommon skill and an insightful song writer - of the "Praise and Worship/Contemporary Pop" ilk. She's an aspiring performer though I personally think she should set her goal a bit higher than wanting to be an extra... An "escaped" Mormon. A Vegan. Spiritual, sensual, BEAUTIFUL... Oh, and she's a stripper.

I should have known better I know. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against her chosen profession nor those who share it. And she's far from being the stereotypical lap dancer. But I should have known better.

She didn't (WOULDN'T) take advantage of me. She'd outright refuse all but my adoration and love. Where did it all go wrong? I couldn't reconcile sharing her with anyone else - even if it was just for a song or two at a time... and I wouldn't try to change her.

And now she's gone...

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