He said... She said... Part 3  

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He said... She said... Part 3

Ok, you've been patient enough! Here it is, part 3 in the continuing saga of

goddessofbitches - - - - - ByteChaser2
goddessofbitches and ByteChaser2

Twisting and twining their tale of uninhibited - though sadly not physical - Blog-Sex! When last we left our two intrepid lovers on the grassy knoll in Blogville's town square and park, ByteChaser2 had been sent into orbital bliss by goddessofbitches considerable oral skill!

Remember, this is a tale in two part harmony! Be sure to get her side of the story over at goddessofbitches's blog!

Standard disclaimer:
The scenes you are about to read are meant for mature audiences only. Take two and call me in the morning. Side effects may include swelling, stiffness, tingling in the lower extremities and an urge to engage in Public Displays of Affection. Do not staple, spindle, fold or mutilate. This blog is not legal tender and is worthless for repaying depts, public or private. If symptoms persist for longer than 48 hours, it's time to replace the batteries!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post, already in progress...


Now that was unbelievable! True artistry in those lips I tell you. The thought that there could possibly be more prodding me, I stood and helped our Mandy up and waving to the various spectators milling around the park, we decided we'd sample some of Mandy's sweetest edible delights at the Candy Shop. So off we stroll.

With a fair amount of PDA on the way, we arrived and ever the gentleman (and yeah, I admit it... letcherous little ass watching devil I am ) I opened the front door to let her enter first... And who do we spy? Sexy Miss Freelove, with a bag brimming with sugar sweets, just on her way to what will no doubt be a confectioners wet dream!

Past the counter of sour balls and sugar plums, back and back to the Adult section. Well, looky looky! Edible lingerie! In her sweetest, coyest manner, she allows me to pick out my most favored party treats - a sheer, sexy, red peekaboo bra and panty set. And bone head that I am, I actually reached for my wallet to pay. With the most sensual kiss EVER, she reminded me that umm... she OWNS the place! I'm such a man...

Back beyond the XXX treats she has this studio set up where customers can have their vitals created in candy and well... How can I pass on the opportunity of having Mandy immortalized, from head to toe, in chocolate! And well... She says she wants to have a "little" keepsake of her own, for later... Uh-huh, my manhood, molded in more chololate.

Mandy needed to be sketched, front back and side, so the sculptor had something to work from, while - after only brief moments of Mandy's quite considerable talents - my hardened member was dipped in the gooey molding candy.

So, modeling duties finished, we whisk off to the stock room out back to umm... Continue... what we'd started back on the grassy knoll. She had me close my eyes, and after a few moments and some rustling of cloth, turned around to see some sort of sauce, poured from belly to pussy... and a smile to make the pope horny! Mmmmmmm I know just what I'm to do now! Dig in and enjoy this latest treat! My turn!

Kneeling before my "plate" of goodies, I begin at her belly button, lapping and sucking up this syrup, down further... stopping only briefly to see in her face the effect I'm having. oh yes, it's working, so I nuzzle in for a slow, firm reciprocation of the ecstacy she'd given be only an hour before. Applying pressure and backing off just a little... soft little sucks at her clit, one lip then another... Harder and faster still untill she positively screamed in delight!

But no more... not yet. Anticipation is the spice of life friends!

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