Dr. Dick exposed...  

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2/22/2006 10:01 am

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Dr. Dick exposed...

Dear Dr. Dick,

I was watching the Funniest Police Chases last night and I swear, I saw you getting arrested! Don't think I wouldn't notice that toothless grin, greyed out gohtee and non functioning dingus! And whats with the uni-brow? Aren't there supposed to be 2 of them?

Were you really flashing the Iowa State Cheerleading squad? What a pervert!

Pissed in Pittsburg


Dear Nark,

Thanks for exposing me. Like I can't expose myself without help from the narc squad. Thanks to you and your big mouth, my wife Aunt Fanny, found me... Now I have to go home and help her hoist up them saggy milk bags.

So yeah, I have eyebrows that meet in the middle. Better than having the hair on your back meet the pubes up front ya hairy bastid. And even if it don't work, my dicks seen more action than a three dollar hooker!

Seen a lot of those too come ta think on it...

Since the restraining order sez I can't come within 500 yards of the campus, looks like I'll be skulkin home ta Fanny over ta [blog EveLWoman]'s place. Check it out an come on round a spell. It's just two looks down the holler and a right past old Cleetus' barn.

Signing off - Uncle Cooter (AKA Dr. Dick)

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