Begining to wonder  

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6/3/2005 8:53 am

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Begining to wonder

I've been on AdultFriendFinder off and on for a couple of years now, consistently for a few weeks and I'm beginning to wonder... sparked by 1playfulgal's Casual Sex? post...

Now don't think I'm whining here but damn... In the last couple of weeks, I've introduced myself to oh, around 80 or so women of varring ages, geographic locations and marrital status - ALL claiming to be looking for "no strings, casual sex", and of those 80 or so...

1 replied "Uhh no",
1 replied "...I'm in a relationship now but if it doesn't workout...",
2 came back with what appeared to be a modicum of interest but I haven't heard back from either in a couple of weeks,
and 1, bless her soul, is at least interested in friendly chat from time to time.

Oh and 1 completely unsolicited hate mail (see a couple posts back...).

The rest have been my fellow bloggers and nice enough folks, but not, in my estimation interested in me particularly beyond the confines of Blogville.

So I'm beginning to wonder exactly why that is. I know I'm not Adonis but niether am I the elephant man. I'm reasonably easy on the eye, charming, and gentlemanly... I get my fair share of interest - outside AdultFriendFinder... It takes some work but once most women get to know me, the interest grows... So...

This leads me to a few theories...

1. Many of the Women members (most present company excluded of course) are NOT actually interested in what they claim in thier profiles (assuming they've bothered to create one at all) - e.g., casual sex/no strings/etc... or...

2. As a method of meeting, AdultFriendFinder is too impersonal EVEN for casual sex or...

3. Many of the women members (Again present company excluded) are so shallow as to be nearly vacuous and show absolutely no interest in the average joe...

So my questions, citizens of Whoville,

Is there another theory I've missed here?

Which of these theories do YOU think most accurately define the situation? and

Without giving out particulars, what's your HONEST success rate - by which I mean have actually met with a member, through AdultFriendFinder, and had casual sex?

Men, women and couples, all are welcome to answer the poll!

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