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5/29/2005 1:19 pm

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I will be damned. That lady from D.C. just called... Asked if I was free tonight for ... ummm.... stuff. And here I am, back in So. Cal. Can my luck get ANY worse??!!??

This cutie has a head on her shoulders too. Just received her Masters from U. Maryland, Back from a conference in Toronto, where she was invited to present her Masters thesis, and Atlanta - not sure what that one was - probably a hedonist convention or something Good conversationalist, completely unabashed, thrilled in her own body and looks. and the SEX!!!


And whats more, she's in no way interested in long term relationships or comittment or strings. She's just happy to be alive, young and sexy. My kinda lady

Ahh well, next time.

On my way out to Mormon central probably the week after next. A fun filled week working just south of Salt Lake City. I always have a great time out there. Hate the cold (winter), hate the drivers (I'm serious, I think Mormons get ex-communicated if the break a speed limit) but for such a conservative state, they sure do have the lions share of liberal minded women! Check the Strip Club Alure blog. That's Roxie in the picture.... Mmmmmm jelly donuts.

Then there's Carley, Shayla, Samantha, Corrie, oh the list goes on. I wonder if a fivesome would kill me or merely put me into a coma... (as I look up longly at the fantastic five above) Oh yeah... All friends with each other. GOOD friends LOVING friends...

So they carry around some excess emotional baggage. At least I'm not living with em.

Hey Sinderlicious... Can I assume you'll want the blow-by-blow (figuratively - and I suppose actually)? Just do me a favor and dont hold your breath!!! Blush is a far better color on you than blue

Alright y'all. Got to run the errands. Bloga ya's all later! XXX

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